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DuraLabel PRO/PRO 300

DuraLabel PRO/PRO 300

Make your message stick.

With more than 50 types of labeling materials available, your message will stick to anything.

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Premium Vinyl

Our tough Premium Vinyl carries the industry's only five–year warranty. Resistant to abrasion, water, UV light, and many chemicals, Premium Vinyl works on surfaces of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Our customers use Premium Vinyl for impactful visual communication, pipe marking, 5–S, wayfinding, general office signage, and more.

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DuraLabel Ribbons

Our ribbons are designed to work well with our label materials such that signs and labels last longer and remain legible. Labels imprinted with resin ribbon can survive outdoor conditions, exposure to rain, sunlight, industrial chemicals, and extreme heat or cold.

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Custom Label Service

For starters, we've got lots of custom colors. We can design any label, even with multiple colors, for any industrial need you have. Our goal is to be a partner with you in your business. Even if it's something that's never existed before, we have the engineering talent and expertise to create whatever label you can dream up.

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Specialty Supplies

We have developed more than 50 unique sign and label materials for low light, extreme temperatures, difficult surfaces, and a number of specialty purposes.

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Die-Cut Labels

Die–Cut Labels are ideal for such applications as arc flash, GHS/HazCom, NFPA hazard diamonds, RTK color bars, and OSHA–compliant safety labels. Our Premium Vinyl die–cut labels are guaranteed for five years.

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