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Arc Flash Industrial Label Printers

Label printers for all of your arc flash hazard identification

Arc Flash PPE Required - Warning Label

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Arc flash is a serious hazard in today's workplace. The Department of Energy documented an average of 10.7 "electrical safety occurrences" per month in 2009. Some occurrences resulted in dangerous shocks and burns to electrical workers and/or bystanders. When arc flash is involved, these occurrences can be more serious and even fatal.

Protect your workers from the dangers of arc flash by displaying custom-designed, NFPA/OSHA compliant labels and signs. Graphic Produts offers a complete line of industrial printers with easy-to-use software to help you tailor arc flash information for your facility needs. Print arc flash hazard labels as small as two inches with the DuraLabel 2000 PLUS or increase attention withbigger nine-inch DuraLabel 9000 labels. Graphic Products offers the right printer to meet your arc flash labeling needs.

DuraLabel PRO 300

Duralabel PRO 300 label and sign printer

Give labels and signs the quality print definition they deserve. The DuraLabel PRO 300 sets the standard for industrial printers with sharp 300 dpi density and the widest selection of labeling supplies available: up to 4-inches-wide.

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DuraLabel Toro

Duralabel Toro label and sign printer

No other printer affords you the same freedoms as the DuraLabel Toro. Featuring complete independence from PCs and networks, a built-in color touchscreen and a folding keyboard make for a totally stand-alone unit.

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DuraLabel 9000

Find out more about the DuraLabel 9000

Convey more information and attract more attention with large-format signs and labels. The DuraLabel 9000 is an extra-wide industrial label printer, capable of printing supplies up to 9-inches-wide with 300 dpi definition.

Find out more about the DuraLabel® 9000

DuraLabel LabPRO

Find out more about the DuraLabel LabPRO

Bring on-demand custom labeling into the laboratory with the DuraLabel LabPRO. Medical professionals can now print application-specific labels up to 4-inches-wide. Supplies range from LN2 specimens to medical pipes.

Find out more about the DuraLabel LabPRO

DuraLabel 4000

Find out more about the DuraLabel 4000

Economically priced for the mid-sized facility, the DuraLabel 4000 is a quality industrial label printer geared for moderate-duty printing. Comes with or without an auto-cutter feature for even greater savings.

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