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Custom 5S Posters

5S is a part of lean manufacturing that helps reduce waste and improve quality and productivity, through cleaning up and getting organized. Although 5S utilizes common sense principles, getting a 5S program started involves changing employee work habits. And that can be difficult.

Custom posters and signs that present information at the point of need can be valuable tools in overcoming old work habits, which helps implement and sustain your 5S program.

The term "5s" refers to the five Japanese words that describe the five steps. 5s posters can be a valuable tool in each of these five steps.

What are the Five S's?

  • (Seiri) Sorting
  • (Seiton) Systematic Organization
  • (Seiso) Shine
  • (Seiketsu) Standardize
  • (Shitsuke) Sustain

The first step in a successful 5s program is to train your employees so they understand what a 5s program is; what the benefits are; and what they need to do. Having 5s posters in each work area, reminding employees of what 5s involves and the benefits they can expect, is a good way to reinforce your training.

5s posters should also be used to provide information needed to sustain what has been accomplished with 5s. For example, procedures and check lists for starting and ending a shift can be posted so they are easy to see and read.

Varitronics Poster Printers - A Valuable Business Tool

In addition to creating your own custom 5S posters, a Varitronics poster printer is a valuable tool in other areas. For example, it can be used to create training aids that can be used right on the shop floor, or in the field, in locations were a PowerPoint presentation can't be used. Posters and signs are an excellent way to communicate safety rules, start up procedures, and to post information about upcoming events.

A poster printer can make large format visuals (posters, signs and banners) used at trade shows and for sales presentations. You can print custom motivational posters and make high-impact signs that support your quality program.

Yes, a Varitronics poster printer is an excellent tool to help implement and sustain your 5s program, but it can also be used throughout your organization as an effective and economical communication tool.

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For more information about 5S, please get our FREE Introduction to 5S booklet, or visit our FREE online 5S tutorial.

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