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Ideas For Posters and Banners In Schools

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There are numerous ways to use a PosterPrinter in your school and numerous ways to get funding to purchase the ProImage PosterPrinter. Below are some ideas we've compiled for you:

Usage Ideas

Creating Posters

Finding Funding

Studies prove that effective visuals enhance learning by gaining student's attention, reinforcing retention of information, and keeping students and teachers on-track (especially for State Standards Testing).

You may know that a Varitronics ProImage PosterPrinter is the right product for your school, but don't know where you will get the funding for it. We have compiled some resources to help you find the funding. We know how other schools have done it, and that may help you! Here is a list of some possible funding sources other schools have used that you may not have considered:

Title 1 Program Funds

Title 2 Eisenhower Professional
Development Funds

Title 6 Innovative Education
Program Funds

PTO Fundraiser Dollars

Bookfair Earnings

General Budget

Year-End, Use-It-Or-Lose-It Dollars

Instructional Technology Funds

Federal & State Technology
Grant Money

School Improvement / Building Funds

Tech-Ed State and Federal Grants

Business Partners' Donations

State Technology Grants

Clubs Donations

Senior Class Donation

Pre-K Program (Big Book Maker)

SIA Funds

ESL Funds

Vending Machine Earnings

Education to Careers Money

Give us a call today. We'll be happy to share ideas for funding a school PosterPrinter used by other schools.

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