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Lockout / Tagout Signs

Making Lockout / Tagout Signs and Tags

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These pages provide information about safety and hazard warning signs, labels and tags. Select the type of hazard sign you'd like to learn about:

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Lockout and Tagout signs protect against the unexpected energization or start up of machines and equipment that could injure employees during service or maintenance.

Lockout signs and labels identify equipment that may not be operated for safety reasons, and describe how to render machines and equipment inoperative.

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Lockouts are used to identify equipment, controls, MCCs, breakers, etc. that have been removed from service and which may not be operated. In many cases locks are used to prevent the locked-out device from being operated.

Tagout are used when equipment is incapable of being shut down. Tagout indicate that the equipment being controlled may not be operated until the Tagout is removed.

According to OSHA, both lockout and Tagout signs need to be standardized within the facility by either color, shape or size.

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In the case of Tagout, the printing and format need to be standardized and include warnings about hazardous conditions if the machine or equipment is energized. They also need include a legend such as: "Do Not Start. Do Not Open. Do Not Close. Do Not Energize. Do Not Operate."

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