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QuoteJust want to let you know that I have been nothing less than extremely satisfied with the DuraLabel unit that your company sold to me this past year. We are a mid-size family owned equipment rental house that specializes in aerial lift equipment. My primary reason for my purchase was to allow me to inexpensively label my rental units with the customer's name that is renting the unit so that not only they could identify them easier, but our employees could find them if need be on a large jobsite as well. It has allowed me to accomplish this task with ease, and my customers love that fact that if they have a Logo that they can email to me, I can put it on a label. Once again, I am glad that my Google search for label machines brought me to Graphic Products.End quoteScott H — Equipment Rental Company

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QuoteWe got it [a DuraLabel PRO 300] and already installed it yesterday. Very satisfied.End quoteJoshua — Chemical Manufacturer
QuoteMy DuraLabel Pro went bad at 3:30 in the afternoon, your techs couldn't troubleshoot or fix it over the phone so you had a brand new one delivered to Houston on my desk by 8:00 the very next morning. That’s a good response time in my book.End quoteDavid F — Chemical Manufacturer
QuoteI didn't read the label about the M&M's on your labeler until today. I opened the box of labels you sent this morning and noticed there were more M&M's inside. What a nice touch. I really enjoy getting those and giving them to deserving employees out on the shop floor. More vendors should do things like that. Customers don't forget small things like that. I love your M&M's. Hope you continue this practice.End quoteSharon
QuoteI appreciate the quick delivery of the labels, I needed them today and they arrived as promised.End quoteBrad — Snack Food Manufacturer
QuoteThe DuraLabel system is quite easy to use and very effective. There are many pre-made labels that are very good for identifying special items. Thus far, we have already used more than four rolls of 4" in only a couple of months.End quoteDale — Equipment Manufacturer
QuoteYou have been excellent on helping me with your product and very knowledgeable on knowing what I might need. I appreciate the quick service you provide and look forward to doing more business. Thanks and have a great day.End quoteMarc — Industrial Services Supplier
QuoteI originally purchased the DuraLabel PRO 300 system to label electrical access panels, but have found many other uses including identifying non-exit doors, binder labeling, and adding caution reminders thorough out our facility. The device is easily set up and tapes/ribbons are quickly changed to meet our current needs. You can make your own custom signs without paying the extra set up fees most companies charge. DuraLabel offers a wide variety of sizes and colors of label supplies. Ordering supplies is simply an email or phone call away, will arrive in just a few short days, and the packages always contain a 'sweet' surprise.End quoteMitzie H — Agricultural Supplies Provider
QuoteImplementing 5S, visual factory, and other lean tools has been my primary job function for the last 8 years. The DuraLabel PRO 300 is one of the easiest labeling systems I have ever used. When conducting a 5S event we can set up the DuraLabel printer on the line and our hourly associates can easily learn how to produce great looking durable labels, for parts, equipment, and miscellaneous items. The DuraLabel PRO is the way to go lean!End quoteLisa B — Trane
QuoteI just wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I was with the quality of customer service I received from your shipping department. I was in the process of tying up loose ends in closing our year and needed a copy of a credit memo. I was connected with the shipping department and was so impressed with the quality, knowledge and service I received. [GP Employee] immediately faxed me the information I needed, asked that I call or email him that I did indeed receive the information I requested. And then this morning he followed up with the acknowledgement of my email. Our company has a quality program and I quickly recognized your organization strives for customer satisfaction. Please pass along my appreciation to [GP Employee]. His excellence is truly noteworthy.End quoteDorene — Major EDI Supplier
QuoteI would like to thank you for the added support that you and Graphic Products has provided to myself and all that has been involved with the purchase of our DuraLabel 7000 labeler. This unit has been very helpful with the birth of Total Productive Maintenance on our production floor through 5S and operator references. This unit allows us to customize and identify equipment according to language that is specific to our industry and plant, providing a savings to print these labels in house instead of purchasing them from label retailers. Using the different color labels to identify the different zones has allowed us to be more visual on identification of items, helping on operator cross training and developing a safer employee environment.End quoteDavid — Major Bottling Company
QuoteI would just like to say that your company is outstanding, the way this problem was handled. My supervisors could not believe that I had a new printer within 24 hours. Keep up the great work and it will be a pleasure doing business with you in the future.End quoteMichael — U.S. Army
QuoteI work with so many vendors. Sometimes, it's like pulling teeth to get them to respond, even when it's an email where I am placing an order (revenue for their company!). You and your group have been so responsive and quite prompt...path of least resistance...makes my work day pleasant so I can move on to the next task. Keep up the great work! :) Thank youEnd quoteMarianne
QuoteWOW! I've never seen a quality label produced so quickly. Thanks again, this should really help us out in the long run.End quoteNathan — Major University
QuoteGraphic Products has been a great team to work with, the printers are high quality and the service is almost immediate. The printers are easy to setup and making labels is simple. All you have to know is how to use MS Word or Excel. It is nice (and rare) to be able to work with a company that has such a great level of service after the sale. Most companies make the sale and then don't support their products very well. Thank You.End quoteDavid — Electronics Manufacturer
QuoteJust wanted to say the DuraLabel PRO is great!! Easy interface and straightforward. Couldn't be happier.End quoteJeff — Canadian University
QuoteThanks for the help the other day with the DuraLabel label maker. I really appreciate the fast and courteous assistance that I receive when I need to call the help line. Unlike most help lines that really are not very helpful and a dread to call, phoning the DuraLabel help line is actually a very pleasurable experience. Having the label maker on site has been a plus. I install new equipment in the plant. It is very nice to be able to place professional signs on the equipment as it is installed. Waiting for signs can slow down the momentum of a project. It is really nice to be able to pop on the computer and within minutes have a quality sign ready for use. Proper signs make it easier for everyone to learn how the equipment is run and figure out what is going on. Several other departments have "borrowed" the label maker for things that they needed labeled. The warehouse was recently expanded and made about a hundred labels for the shelves in 10 minutes.End quoteNatalie D — Gold Mine
QuoteI appreciate everything you did; you have certainly lived up to your company's customer service creed!End quoteShannon — Mining Company
QuoteI love my machine. It is a great machine and we are really using it. I make a lot of RTK labels. The database is great. I really like that you can design your own from an MSDS and save it to the database.End quoteDonna — Mining Company
QuoteIt works great! The instructions were easy to follow and set up was simple and painless.End quoteErik
QuoteJust wanted to let you know that I received the rewound label material. They installed my DuraLabel a few minutes ago and I absolutely love the upgrades your company has made. It works great!End quoteVickie — Equipment Manufacturer
QuoteThanks so much for the generous gift package! It brought smiles and laughter to our staff at a time when they needed it the most! A gesture such as this in a cost cutting business climate shows that Graphic Products cares about their customers! Thank You Chris and all of Graphic Products for thinking of us! Best RegardsEnd quoteAllen
QuoteWell, first of all, this is an amazing list of useable products! I'll be starting off with a reasonable assortment of 4" tapes and films in addition to the white 1-2" tape for the bar-coding project. I think that product will be one of the stronger adhesives or the petroleum resist one.End quoteRick — Equipment Manufacturer
QuoteEveryone who has seen the new system is impressed. It looks like DuraLabel will be able to save us a lot of money, and will also be there for support which means a lot in this day and time.End quoteGreg — Michelin
QuoteYour support has been outstanding. If you could send me the email of your boss I would like to put in a good word. I don't do this often, would like to. Wish all my suppliers were as supportive.End quoteSteve — Major Industrial Company
QuoteOver the last year I have needed both guidance and technical information as well as normal support. Graphic Products has always answered my needs in a quick and professional manor. I wish more of my suppliers were as supportive. End quoteSteve — Major Industrial Company
QuoteGentlemen, I wanted to forward this information as I thought it may be of interest. We recently purchased this thermal printer special OSHA and Pipe Marking package and feel it will not only position us better with visual aid but save us a lot of money vs. purchasing through a catalog. The software allows you to customize labels as well. There are discounts offered if more than one plant purchases. Thanks.End quoteSteve H — Paper Products Manufacturer
QuoteThis new 5S guide has been a really great tool for myself and our mill. It really gives you a lot of great ideas to implement 5S. I read it from cover to cover! End quoteMatt K — Conagra
QuoteLoving the machines and their ease of use with Microsoft software!End quoteJulie J — International Paper
QuoteI finally had time to hook up the printer. Your install guides were nice and easy to follow. I liked the video on the CD Rom. Thanks.End quoteBrian D
QuoteThe DuraLabel PRO Labeler has been a very beneficial tool that has allowed us the ability to really organize our site. Now, everything has a place and the plant floor reflects the organization visually. Not only have we seen a reduction in our slips and falls, the manufacturing area is a more efficient area because our employees know where to find what they need. We have also found other uses than just the floor labeling, including quick custom signs, rack markings, lockout / tagout point identifiers and arc flash labels. We have made countless custom reminders for equipment, fork lifts, etc. The great thing about the DuraLabel PRO is that there is no waiting. The easy-to-use software allows anybody to sit at the workstation we have created and create their own labels without any guidance. We have a great collection of templates and custom labels that allow us to make custom labels in a few simple clicks. The DuraLabel PRO labeler has been a great find. We would be lost without it.End quote Cosmetics Manufacturer
QuoteI gave you an A+ on everything, plus these comments: The rep was very polite and patient. It took a little bit to figure out the problem, but he made it seem effortless. We're very appreciative of your professionalism, accuracy and response time. Thank you!End quoteJill — Electrical Contracting Firm
QuoteUnfortunately our new DuraLabel PRO 300 appears to have ceased printing labels! We have performed extensive troubleshooting and diagnostics and have determined that the Operator has used the entire supply of M&M's that were sent with the unit. The Operator says that no printing is possible without a reliable M&M supply! As we have several large jobs for the DuraLabel PRO 300 in the near future, please send a recharge of our M&M supply as soon as possible!End quoteSteve
QuoteI just wanted to say "Thank you" once more for all of your help and patience in helping me with the labels. Thanks also for the goodies you sent our way. I passed out the M&M's to people (so I wouldn't eat them)! Have a good week!!End quoteJill — Electrical Contracting Firm
QuoteHey, your sales rep just completely convinced me that you really do have outstanding customer service! Wow! I'm a convert!End quoteJeremy — Industrial Services Company
QuoteThis unit is fantastic and exceeded our needs to date. Trust me, it is easy to use and consumes little space. We are very happy with this unit and would/will recommend to other facilities once the need arises.End quoteMichael — Industrial Chemical Supplier
QuoteThe printer installation was a snap. Took less than 10 minutes to unpack and install. This does not include the time taken to enjoy the nice snacks included with the printer and supplies. THANKS!! :-) Printer operation is great!! Quality of labels is super and the auto cutter is cool.End quoteCharles — Engineering Simulation Company
QuoteYes, our label printer is getting quite the work out. Mark is our primary user of the printer and he's ordered additional label supplies since our initial purchase. It's been a good investment for us.End quoteDave — Truck Manufacturer
QuoteTo help you out a bit, I know from experience when you have the printer on your desk you tend to get numerous requests from all departments so the "spend a grand or two; get a printer for 99 bucks" deal would really sound good to the department that is the custodian of the printer. That deal is very beneficial if you have a project coming up requiring a few rolls, especially if the storeroom guy can hand a printer off to the department that needs the labels so they can take care of it themselves. Feel free to use me as a reference. The quality of the product and the customer service makes this a very reliable option to use. I could just about guarantee someone that they will always receive what they want, when they want it, and Graphic Products is willing to do a great deal more than is expected to fulfill the needs of the customer.End quoteMike — Building Products Manufacturer
QuoteThe label printer is pretty slick for changing labels compared to the old one and much faster. We are happy with it, thank you.End quoteDwight — Electrical Engineering Firm
QuoteI have been on vacation for the past several weeks and just got back into the office. While I was away, they did some work with the labeling system, and from what I understand things went well. We are still learning it and what it can do for us. I do know our president did see some of the labels we have put up and he was very happy.End quoteChad — Insulation Manufacturer
QuoteI used the Toro outside in 110+ temperatures working out of a van without A/C. The little critter just kept spitting out labels!End quoteGary — U.S. Army
QuoteWe use the DuraLabel extended life tape for equipment identification as well as for labeling circuit panels and cabinets. We use the DuraLabels outside in substation yards. We have decided instead of replacing worn out signs with the old engraved plastic signs we are putting DuraLabel signs on a piece of aluminum in place of the plastic. We have been using DuraLabel for a couple of years now and there is no sign of fading whatsoever. Very impressive.End quoteDallas — Power Supplier
QuoteWow! I'm not accustomed to fast friendly service, much less follow up indicating you care. LOL! Thank you for the email. We're up and running and so is the printer. The guy that will use it called me this morning and told me it is fantastic, then came to my office to show me all the labels he had printed out. He's happy so I'm happy. If I hear him whining, you'll be the second person to hear about it. End quoteTom — Dow Chemical
QuoteThanks so much for the help this morning, I have worked with you before, appreciate the professional way you handle yourself and the knowledge you have. Really appreciate the patience. Have a great day.End quoteRon — Steel Supplier
QuoteYour products are getting a true test of their grit in our environment and I am extremely pleased with the way it is working out now.End quoteGary — U.S. Army
QuoteJust wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. Disk with software arrived via our supply folks this morning. We really appreciate the outstanding support we get from you and your team.End quoteGlenn — Lockheed Martin
QuotePrinting arc flash labels with the DuraLabel PRO 300 is a huge time saver and a real joy over the way we used to do it. Many thanksEnd quoteMichael — Engineering Firm
QuoteThings have been going great with the printer, we are using it often and anything I have had questions about I figured out in minutes by clicking around. I really enjoy the label design feature. I will contact you if I have any problems or need supplies. Thank you. End quoteTom
QuoteOur label unit is flawless. Great machine for our needs. I will and continue to pass on the news. End quoteMichael — Chemical Manufacturer
QuoteOur Pro 300 has been working great! I love the 300 almost as much as my Subaru.End quoteMike — Engineering Consulting Firm
QuoteThanks for all the help over the past year. You have really helped the productivity of our group. Your service is awesome, and Chad likes to be the hero passing out the goodies.End quoteBill — Medical Company
QuoteThanks for the help in getting our label maker operational. The DuraLabel PRO works great and is very simple to operate. If you can operate Microsoft word you can print labels very quickly. Thanks for all your help.End quoteDan — Siemens
QuoteWe did a thorough review of the various printers, and selected the DuraLabel PRO 300 as our internal product of choice. It's easy to use, supplies are inexpensive, and the support is by far the best of all the printer manufacturers we've dealt with.End quoteDarcy — Software Company
QuoteI love it! Thanks so much! Having fun playing around with the program--right up my alley-I love design work and it also allowed me to complete a project for the VP that he was very impressed with!End quoteHeather
QuoteI love this machine. It has saved me a lot of time, money, and headache. The convenience of being able to print items on demand makes my job so much easier.End quoteSara — U.S. Army
QuoteThank you again for the DuraLabel PRO; it is a great machine and extremely easy to use.End quote Electrical Contractor
QuoteI just wanted to write you and let you know how pleased I am with the new DL9000 sign maker. I set it up today and wow, what a difference! It's awesome!End quotePeggy — Mining Company
QuoteThanks for the information regarding pipe marking you supplied. It has helped out in marking the pipes in the chemical-acid etching area of our shop. I like the idea of your products (Duralabel Pro printers) having the software over the Brady Handimark. I notice that I waste the consumables after printing and then seeing what I have is not just what I had wanted. Thanks again for your time and effort.End quoteBruce — Metal Parts Manufacturer
QuoteI can't tell you how much I appreciate your assistance with getting our DuraLabel to work this past Monday. Your expedited service coupled with your patience as you walked me through every step really says a lot about your knowledge and ability to deal with customers. In an age where customers like myself are "put on hold" or told "I'll call you back", your customer service is truly extraordinary. You followed through with every e-mail and returned your phone calls promptly. Having excellent communication skills and knowing the technical intricacies involved with this unit made it evident you are very computer literate. It was quite easy for me to understand your directions as you helped me troubleshoot the machine. Please forward this message to your superior as I feel you are tremendous asset to the company and your efforts should be recognized. Thanks so much!End quoteMarianne — Construction Contractor
QuoteOur DuraLabel PRO 300 has greatly expanded the scope and creativity of our labeling ability. I’m finding this labeling machine to be faster, more capable, and more user friendly than the competitor's machine that we used to have. Label and ribbon loading and changeovers are easy, the label stock is very durable, and the print is always appears sharp. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the new Duralabel Pro. Thanks for introducing us to this product.End quotePerry K — Window and Door Manufacturer
QuoteWe have only had our system for a short time but have already gotten a great deal of use from it. The labels that we are able to print up for Arc Flash protection give us the ability to tell what type of PPE are required for the different areas of the facility. There are also labels that we have started for our air lines and boiler system that we are able to make proper shut down procedures right on the label. The support that we have gotten has been great. Overall we are very happy with the system.End quoteMark S — New Balance
QuoteI just purchased a DuraLabel PRO labelmaker for our assembly line. The time saved by using your labeling system is amazing. There are certain labels that we use every day that had to be re-created multiple times every day. Now, we have the ability to save and edit our labels instantly, and print them literally 10 times faster than before. Aside from time savings, we are also thrilled to capture a true "hard" cost savings of about $2,500 annually just by using the more cost-effective DuraLabel consumables. Thanks so much for a great product and great service!End quoteDaniel — Sound Equipment Manufacturer
QuoteA letter to a Brady representative… “Sure, I can be available this week to talk to you. The gist of it is that we moved to using Graphic Products DuraLabel Pro 300 printer because of the price of the printer, its versatility, and a drastic difference in the cost of the supplies. It’s also faster and more useful since it prints on a spool of heat shrink instead of a roll of it. We can have a ½” label that’s ½”, 1”, or anything in between up to a couple of feet long. It’s an odd paper size for Microsoft Word, for sure, but the fact that we can use it with any Windows program easily is a huge plus, too. We had several huge projects this summer that required about 6,000 (or more) heat shrink labels of various sizes from 1/8” up to 1” wide. We also printed quite a few vinyl stickers and labels from ½” to 4” wide with it. Plus, they also throw in packages of M&Ms with every order, so that’s pretty cool, too. Our clients actually mentioned how nice the wiring looks due to the new label system. The TLS2000 is now sitting in a box unused. It’s a tremendous pain in the neck to change from heat shrink to labels and resulted in one or two people in the shop being responsible for doing it. The carrier method for the media generates a lot of waste, too. It has the advantage for the small sticky labels since you can peel them off easier than cutting them individually, but that wasn’t a huge challenge for the crew.” End quoteJason — Mechanical Equipment Supplier
QuoteGood, good, good! Love the machine! It showed up late on a Friday so I took it home to set it up over the weekend. My 17 year-old daughter wanted to help. She had it loaded and ready to print in less than half an hour. User-friendly? I think so!End quoteJohn S — Calpine
QuoteWOW, this thing is so easy to use, I have already printed a few different decals with it. I will now go through the supply catalog and place an order for some more consumables next week. This is just the thing we need for all those customers that want their decals RIGHT NOW. We usually have to go back to the office, solvent print them, laminate them, cut them and then the customer can collect. Now, we can do all this when we are ONSITE working. We can even charge a premium for this instant service. I ‘ll be in touch next week with another order for supplies.End quoteJamie Lee
QuoteI have talked to many inside representatives in my Supply Chain/Purchasing career, but talking to [GP Representative] is special. He did everything I asked and more, sending me Kanban, Kaizen and 5S guides for educating my staff and is working with me on labeling equiment. He is a good customer service person!End quoteCharles I — Consulting Firm
QuoteI expect us to start using the machine more and more and you know what that means!! More M&M's!!! LOL I will get with you as soon as we start running low! End quoteCecilia A — Native American Tribe
QuoteJohn, received the order today. When I opened and saw the Almond Roca I almost cried. My Father worked for them in the 60's and we grew up on that. They don't have it here in the South. Thanks so much. You have a customer for life. It may be awhile until I get it hooked up as I am waiting for my new office to show up. I will contact you when I get ready to go.End quoteDaniel L — Metal Parts Manufacturer
QuoteI did see some [competitor] products that would have been considered for purchase, for unknown reasons the [competitor] distributor did not respond to my requests. Yes, GHS labeling guide would be a great help to better understand how we will need to comply in the near future. Wow, Thanks for your time and offerings.End quote
QuoteMany thanks for the attached requested documents and for your quicker response.End quoteMuhammad Sabir H — Testing Company
QuoteThe printer was very easy to set up. It comes with easy guidelines on how to load the tape and the ribbon. Top of the line customer service. This is before and after purchase.End quoteDavid W — Cummins
QuoteWe have found the DuraLabel PRO printer much more user friendly for all personnel using the printer. Due to the need of different colors, having a machine that is easy to use is a great time saver. I highly recommend the printer for ease of use and durability.End quoteJeff C — Consumer Goods Company
QuoteI have had the Duralabel printer in use for about a year now. It is really as easy to use as the website said it is. I have used the printer to print everything from name plates on employee lockers to outside industrial applications. I was amazed at how well the labels hold up while exposed to the weather. It is really a snap to print with & the best thing is I didn't need to add any special program to my computer just to print labels. I just use MS Word, Excel & Powerpoint from my existing files. Thanks for making my job easier.End quoteJeff — DISNEY/MGM Studios
QuoteWe have been using the DuraLabel PRO 300 at our facility for almost 2 years now and have found it to be a valuable asset to our HS&E management. We use it for making “Right To Know” stickers and “NFPA Fire Diamonds” for a professional look on all of our dispensers. We use it to follow national color coding and labeling of all of the water, air and gas piping through out the 3000 Square Foot Facility. It has proven to have the capacity to make a wide variety of economical long lasting labels for everything from storage racks to pinch point indicators. You can even make fire extinguisher location arrows cheaper than you can purchase them from a vendor. So far we have not found a label that we could not make. Customer service has been exceptional and Graphic Products has even created some custom products for us to meet our requirements. Some time in the next year we will probably have to buy another machine to keep up with the demand for usage on the current machine. I would definitely recommend purchasing a DuraLabel PRO for all of your labeling needs.End quoteJim — Oil Service Company
QuoteAfter printing and applying a few labels around the plant, many people came to me asking to have labels made for them. I quickly became the "label man" and was spending a lot of time making labels. Subsequently, I purchased another printer for our operations department, so they could print their own labels. Everyone has been pleased with the labels as they are visible and rugged. It has definitely added another level of safety by marking hazards and various other valuable information posted throughout the plant.End quoteBob — Power Generation Company
QuoteI love my new DuraLabel system; it is very user friendly. Compared to my old wire marker system there is no comparison. You can print just one label at a time verses the old system. The customer support is out of this world. People are friendly and very eager to help me with any problems I have. This label system makes our company look very professional. I'm glad I found out about your product.End quoteEddie R
QuoteJust to give you a little background, I was first introduced to the Duralabel while working for Standard Plants Operations at the Atmel facility in Colorado Springs. I purchased the unit for purposes of marking process piping for all of Southwest Standard Plants. It worked so well, that I actually ended up purchasing a second unit for Southwest Standard Plants. The thing that I was fascinated with was the operation of the unit and it's ability to print numerous labels, clean cut, in a fairly quick amount of time. At the time I purchased it, there was a cost savings analysis conducted (which I apologize for no longer having that information) but if memory serves me, for the tasks that we had to accomplish in Standard Plants and all the process piping that needed to be labeled, we were saving in excess of $10,000. Also, not only does it work well for labeling process piping, but it worked for labeling anything you can imagine. I used it to label electrical boxes and conduit lines, information labels, NFPA labels, etc. The thing that I really enjoyed about it was the software, with all the templates that it provided and the ability to create your own label design using Microsoft Word. I almost forgot to mention the support that I received from Graphic Products when I had this unit under my control. Whenever I would get stumped on a label, I could always forward my design to them, and they would be able to work on it for the specifications I required, without having to waste any of my own supplies through trial and error. I recently transitioned to Praxair Distribution, Inc. in Pittsburg, CA. We have some similar issues in regards to process piping labeling, not to mention the countless other labels that are used for cylinder marking. I am in the process of purchasing a new unit for this facility, with a huge savings cost expected. And the beautiful thing is the deal they are offering right now. Buy $2000.00 worth of supplies and you get the printer and software for free. End quoteSean J — Praxair Distribution, Inc.
QuoteJust want to let you know that I have been nothing less than extremely satisfied with the DuraLabel unit that your company sold to me this past year. We are a mid-size family owned equipment rental house that specializes in aerial lift equipment. My primary reason for my purchase was to allow me to inexpensively label my rental units with the customer's name that is renting the unit so that not only they could identify them easier, but our employees could find them if need be on a large jobsite as well. It has allowed me to accomplish this task with ease, and my customers love that fact that if they have a Logo that they can email to me, I can put it on a label. Once again, I am glad that my Google search for label machines brought me to Graphic Products.End quoteScott H — Equipment Rental Company
QuoteWe are extremely pleased with our new DuraLabel system. It has almost paid for itself in savings. We use it for chemical labeling, our 5S program and in our safety process. The ability to make job and site specific labels is a plus as well. We have also begun to use it in our production process which was something we hadn't thought about at the time of purchase. We are constantly finding new uses for the system. It was well worth the purchase.End quote
QuoteWe have really enjoyed our DuraLabel system. We originally purchased it to make name tags for our on-site registration at our convention and leadership conferences. We have found though that with the versatility of this system, we can make signs, posters, etc. for displays. Also, it's so easy to use since we just use Microsoft Word to create our labels. We can also use clip art and be creative as well. We didn't have any of this functionality with our old label maker.End quoteLeslie A. B
QuoteWith the implementation of Lean in our company, there has been a high demand for label printing. The DuraLabel PRO has been key in providing these labels when needed. Not only are we using it for our Lean projects, our manufacturing facility is expanding requiring labels for all types of applications. Our maintenance department is constantly asking for labels and as a result, a second system has been recently purchased. End quoteJose M
QuoteMy dealings with the Duralabel System have been a pleasure. It is a very user friendly system, and the support I received from Graphic Products was outstanding. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a labeling system.End quoteJ.L. S — Electronics Manufacturer
QuoteI am involved with hazardous materials safety and storage as well as general laboratory set-up functions in a large research University. Since I had need for a general labeling solution, I browsed the web and made the mistake of purchasing based on price alone. I purchased the [competitor] printer and software from [competitor]. My main complaint is lack of satisfactory documentation and support and the poor usability of the included software. When I tried to use [competitor] labeling software, I was unable to receive any help from the vendor, the printer OEM or [competitor]. I spoke to Graphic Products and they sent me a copy of their DuraLabel Pro software. It is based on Microsoft Word and is much easier to use. Their printer and supplies are also of a higher quality and their support is exemplary, though the documentation is so good that I didn't need to avail myself of it. I am a happy labeler at last.End quoteCharles S — Research University
QuoteUnit is here, hooked up and running. Our guy has already made a few labels. The vinyl is good. I think the adhesion exceeds what I buy for our regular label stock. Our guy will check to what else is available in the book. The black imprint roll is pretty wide is there something less expensive to match up to our 2” white label roll? Nice product. Easy set up. Easy start up. Easy to use.End quoteJohn M — Manufacturing Company
QuoteThere are several commercial printers that work very well with ETAP. We tested all the major printers about 2 years ago, and we found we liked the DuraLabel the best. Consumables were inexpensive, and their support was great. Just tell him it's for printing Arc Flash labels, and he’ll know exactly what you need. End quoteDarcy B — Software Provider
QuoteWe like the Toro and have put it to good use. Beside the quality of the labels, the ease of use is remarkable! Saves a lot of wasted labels and time training users. In fact I picked 2 techs with no experience with a label printer, gave them the printer and the manual and asked them to start it up and print 2 example labels. They came back in 20 minutes with the labels and no questions! That told me right there that I could probably even run it and everyone knows how un-trainable I am!End quoteBrian K — Engineering Company
QuoteThe company I work for purchased a DuraLabel Toro machine six months ago and the machine has been outstanding. Support from our account manager has been top notch: quick, responsive, attentive and willing to do what it takes to meet our needs. We primarily use the Toro to make labels for our compressed natural gas fueling systems. In terms of identification, information and safety considerations the ability to custom make labels in a variety of sizes and shapes as well as in different colors has allowed us to custom make prototype labels for new projects as well as create one-off labeling that just would not be practical to do in another format. I highly recommend DuraLabel, the Toro machine and their line of high quality plastic materials for your production needs.End quoteEddie
QuoteMy first day back at school.... Three hours of moving and opening freight and finally I come upon the shipment from Graphic Products -- which includes a special treat box just for me! Oh, am I loving you right now. Thank you so very much! You are my favorite vendor.End quoteNancy E — School
QuoteI loaded everything using the very helpful tutorial on the machine and am currently printing labels as we speak. Very EASY!End quoteTim S
QuoteWe have made some much-needed valve labels thus far and are impressed with the quality of the Toro, thanks.End quoteChristopher G — Wastewater Plant
QuoteOverall I love the machine. Once you get going, it is fun and easy to use. Thank you very much for all your help.End quoteGina W — Aerostructures Manufacturer
QuoteEverything is going great! The labeler is amazing! Thanks for checking in!End quoteBrad Y — Veolia Water Treatment
QuoteI very much appreciate receiving the new roll of ½" tape today! You are indeed a "Customer Service Specialist". Such excellent customer service is too rare today, and I very much appreciate your putting such priority on my needs. In my book there is no substitute for great customer service, and yours has been excellent. It's a shame that most don't recognize the value of integrity today, rather just the value of a dollar. You may be assured that when I need to buy another label printer I will look first to you. I will try the new one you cut for me when it arrives.End quoteJim T — Steel Supplier
QuoteI was very satisfied dealing with Graphic Products. The salesman I dealt with was very professional and a pleasure to work with. If further printing or labeling needs arise I would be more than happy to use your company to fill those needs!End quoteJeff B — Chevron
QuoteI have started the program. It's doing great. I have used the printers for a limited amount so far. We have not got to the labeling part of the program yet. My next step is to train the other supervisors and get the other departments on board. The program is already spilling over to the other departments’ finding myself with more available space in the plant, a more organized, clean safe area. And the visual part of it makes it so easy and understandable to others outside the department. The group has increased output by 75% and we’re not up to full speed yet. The labeling and signage will increase the visual effect. I am getting an order together. I will be ordering 6 more 5S facilitator books and a dozen more workbooks. I'll take a look at the vinyl to see what we need. I’m still getting use to the software and the printer properties. The more I use it, it will be a matter of cut and paste. It will probably be the end of next week before I get the order in. When I'm done I'll send you some pictures.End quoteMartin S — Benjamin Moore
QuoteThe DuraLabel has been most helpful in labeling tanks, valves and piping. It has also been very useful in the warning labels and safety signs. End quoteKurt T — Fluid Transportation Company
QuoteI currently deal with [GP Employee] and have a Toro unit. Use the heck out of it and love it. Your guides and other items come in handy. Just finishing up our Natural Gas markings and the next big labeling project is in our Waste Water Treatment Department. I have your guide for that. Thanks againEnd quoteMike C — Aluminum Production Company
QuoteGod bless you [GP Employee] and all folks at Graphic Products: Info received, implemented and the DuraLabel printer is soaring like a jet. Thanks for your support and accept my apology as the e-mail was delayed due to some network security controls but I received today. Please accept my gratitude and please convey my best regards to the staff at your end from Saudi Arabia and will touch base in the future should any further assistance be needed. End quoteFahad W — Saudi Aramco
QuoteI have been using the DuraLabel 9000 and the DuraLabel PRO for almost 1 year now. What brought me to these label makers was my State Agency’s need to label products, tanks, fuel islands, salt brine storage tanks, and small petroleum containers, and equipment to maintain our ISO 14001 Registration, and the new federally promoted Globally Harmonized labeling guidelines in a cost effective manner. I have worked in the highway maintenance field for 23 years and labeling has always been a problem. The labelers allow me to design numerous labels that meet our requirements. The label making equipment has a variety of labels from 9” to ½”wide in just about any color you could imagine. Recently, I made magnetic 9” x 18” label that will be used to alert all employees that equipment has been “DEADLINED” and cannot be operated. This was a safety recommendation, and I was able to produce 90 of these at a significant savings to the Department. I will say working with the magnetic supply 9” wide material is a cumbersome task, but with patience and the superb support of the Graphics Tech Support Team, I was able to complete my labels for my nine county equipment repair garages. I truly love it when a plan comes together, and the end product meets everyone’s expectations. This was accomplished by teamwork. I want to praise the excellent customer service provided to me. I needed a label making machine to fit all my organization’s needs. Graphic Products sells a great product, along with supplies to produce any type of label you could imagine. Plus, technical support free of charge and outstanding customer service from their Sales Reps. With this combination you have the ability to make your own labels…priceless! Thank You Graphic Products.End quoteSandra S — PA Dept. of Transportation
QuotePackage arrived at the house last night. Thank you so much! I took it into work with me and share with the fellow maintenance techs that use the label maker the most. I work in a dark simulator so the flashlight will come in quite handy. Nick lives next to the coffee pot in our shop so he snagged the very cool coffee cup (love the label!) and the rest of the items we shared around the room. You made a lot of the maintenance folks smile a bit more today. Please pass along our sincere thanks to you and your outstanding company. Your customer relations is far beyond the bar set by most companies!! My hat is off to you.End quoteGlenn K — Aerospace Manufacturer
QuoteI tested the Lobo when it arrived yesterday. I am very impressed with how smoothly it ran. It was very easy to set up and took less than one minute from plugging it in to printing. It printed perfect the first time. The key pad is strait forward and easy to navigate. The colour screen shows exactly what the label will look like once printed. Looking forward to selling this in the coming weeks!End quoteAaron M — Occupational Safety Company
QuoteI didn't expect to get back in touch with you so soon, but apparently everyone is highly impressed with the Oily Surface Tape that I've been using for labeling and our Facilities Maintenance would like to use it plant wide to update all labeling in preparation for a major 5S audit we will be having in a couple months! I have just been asked to put in an order for several rolls of 1” and 2” tape and some more ribbon for the Toro. End quoteStephanie F — Haldex
QuoteI recommend the DuraLabel for printing Arc Flash labels; I've tried almost every system, and we have one of each system in the California office for testing... I like the DuraLabel best. It works, it's easy, and it's reliable.End quoteDarcy B — Software Provider
QuoteJust a brief email, unsolicited I might add, with respect to my new LOBO purchase. This is one easy to load, print and use machine. The combination of a Qwerty board, colour screen and easy-to-find function keys, almost negate the need to refer to the manual. I was printing specialist fluid labels with directional arrows and borders within two minutes of inserting the vinyl tape – every label was crisp, clear and unlike my previous purchase.End quoteJason S — Aloha Aquatic Consulting
QuoteThe products are very good and we have used them quite a bit.End quoteJohn F — Fluor Arabia Limited
QuoteWorking perfectly as expected. Thanks Again!End quoteJohn D — Industrial Gas Company
QuoteI will summarize and tell you we couldn't be more pleased. The software and machines are ridiculously friendly and everyone is pleased with the quality of the tapes and ribbon.End quoteChris — Bus Mfg Company
QuoteThe DuraLabel 9000 and DuraLabel Toro make it easy for me to create customized labels of all sorts. There is no shortage of symbols and templates that I can use to make labels quickly and efficiently, and with all the sizes and colors available, the printers can create labels that suit all my needs. End quoteKanchan S — Air Liquide
QuoteJust wanted to say thanks again for your help with the template. Gosh, it’s been fantastic and has saved us a huge amount of effort with locating our panels. The flexibility offered by the template you built us has also allowed us to put information on our labels to help make the process less confusing (knowing which labels go to what area of the plant). Overall, this has actually turned out to be one of the best arc flash audit experiences we've had…this process tends to usually be a bit of a nightmare.End quoteMiguel N — Consumer Goods Company
QuoteMay I say truthfully your company is truly the best vendor I have dealt with and I can see every employee takes pride in their job at Graphic Products. Your company impresses me every time!End quoteHolly — Technology Company
QuoteI have had the opportunity of speaking with and dealing with vendors and suppliers that provide items to our hospital. We usually get a poor response whenever help is needed it dealing with different companies with the exception of Graphic Products. I have had to call you several times over the past few years requiring help with my DuraLabel PRO 300. You have always answered the phone and been readily available to assist me in any way. In your calm and soothing voice, you would walk me through my problems and teach me how to do things. Never once have you brushed me off with answers like "I don’t have time now" "I can’t get the information for you" "you need to call someone else" etc. It’s always been a productive call with you. You talked me into purchasing this equipment, explaining its worth in software, performance, maintenance, costs, etc. and I am very glad that I listened to your recommendations. It is has been one of the best deals we have made here at the hospital. It has paid for itself 10 times over. I was using an old outdated machine from another manufacture and I was hesitant in switching to something new. FYI we threw the other machine in the trash shortly after the DuraLabel arrived. In our latest problem, the hospital has upgraded to Windows 7 on all computers so we had to re-install all existing software programs. I had a small glitch when trying to install the printer, it wouldn't recognize it. Mrs. Perez from our I.T. department was helping me do the reinstall and we just couldn't figure out the problem. I called you and you calmly walked us through the process but there still was a problem. We were transferred to a Graphic Products technician and again there was immediate response with a very pleasant technician that professionally instructed us how to remedy our problem. And yes, it was a problem on our end (we were doing it incorrectly) and not any issues with the DuraSuite or DuraLabel products. Everything is up and running correctly without problems. How many times can you say this about a vendor? It’s mostly runarounds, put-offs, and extra costs for any information but not Graphic Products. You guys are the best. I recommend your products to anyone that has a need for these kinds of printers and software. In closing, I would again like to personally thank you for all you help and advice over the past few years. It has been a real pleasure speaking to you.End quoteTim F — Medical Center
QuoteThis is one of the most brilliant pieces of equipment I have ever seen, and I work with CNC machines. I just used a spread sheet and LabelForge to spit out a bunch of sequential serial numbers AND QR-codes! Amazing - I will definitely recommend when I hear of a need.End quoteHans E
QuoteWe have [the DuraLabel Toro] up and running and it is awesome. No problems so far, really straight forward to use.End quoteTravis S
QuoteThe Labeling Assistant is a handy tool for keeping track of labels needed to improve visual communication during my daily safety walks. Very Efficient! End quoteSean J — Major US Refinery
QuoteEverything I requested from you, regardless of the ridiculous time frame and expectations, your efforts EXCEEDED the expected results!!!! Thank You so VERY much for your excellent service and coming through for our company wonderfully!!!!End quoteBrian R — Industrial Supplier
QuoteI want to let you know I feel [GP Employee] has gone out of his way to be helpful, prompt and thorough in providing me with both short and long term resolutions with a piece of misbehaving equipment, specifically the DuraLabel PRO Printer 300 DPI. When I called [GP Employee] to discuss the problem I was having with one of my 2 printers, Jack Black (Jack prints with black ribbon and Betty White with white), [GP Employee] provided me with the repair cost and offered to send me a loaner system in order to keep me in operation. That call was then followed up with an email to recap what we spoke about. The switch out when smoothly and happened just as [GP Employee] explained it would. [GP Employee] called to inform me what was found with regard to Jack misbehaving and provided me with options for repairing Jack or a new machine & warranty as a replacement. 48 hours later, Jack's replacement (yet to be named) arrived and went right to work flawlessly. It has been a long time since I have gotten a call from a Customer Service Representative to discuss resolution options with me. The personal touch by calling rather than an email is a memorable experience any more. [GP Employee] has been extra easy and fun to work with and has provided me with excellent customer service.End quoteKerre R — Engineering Company
QuoteOur DuraLabel machine is working wonderful. It's very dependable in making all our safety labels.End quoteGeorge A — Wood Pallet Manufacturer
QuoteA very admirable customer service.End quoteJames Y — Oil and Gas Company
QuoteETAP is the most commonly used electrical analysis for the mining industry for Arc Flash analysis. Within ETAP, we’ve developed interfaces to almost every labeling system available. During our testing, we’ve found that the DuraLabel printing systems were best. It is my personal favorite, and the one used by the majority of clients that I am aware of. If you have any questions regarding Arc Flash or printing labels, please let me know.End quoteDarcy B
QuoteIn 2013, one of the companies that I do contract work for purchased a DL9000 Label printer from Graphic Products. I was contracted to use the machine, and I must say that I have really enjoyed it. The ease of use for the software is pleasantly surprising, and the change over from one color roll to the next is very simple. I have had virtually no trouble at all learning the different functions and how to best utilize them to fit my needs. But the printer is not the best part… the level of customer service that you have provided has far exceeded my expectations! I am taken back to a time many years ago when a company valued the customer and checked back with him/her to make sure that all was fine with the product that was purchased. You Sir, have brought THAT type of customer service back to 2014. I have been grateful for your follow ups and check ins with me, and you have always been extremely helpful anytime that I have had a question or needed assistance with ordering additional supplies. Adam, I just wanted to let you know that both your customer service AND your great products have been a huge help to me in the work that I perform. Please feel free to share this with anyone that you wish to, as I hope that many others will discover your company and choose to do business with you. End quoteBrent B
Quote“The printer is working great! The DuraSuite application does not even compare to the Markware; DuraSuite has so many more options and features, as well as a much more friendly user interface.”End quoteJohn S
QuoteI checked out one of the Toro's and I really love it. Loved it even more when I found that there's a Linux and Open Office running on the little box. Great job. End quoteJörg-Peter H
QuoteWe purchased a set of printers form Graphic Products and have not looked back – this printer has printed tons of labels for 5S and safety and has a great program for the ammonia lines as well.End quoteEvan T
QuoteJust thought I would drop you a line and let you know we appreciate your service. There are a lot of instances where good service is not properly acknowledged so I thought I would take the time to say thank you----Thank You ---and we do appreciate your info updates as well as your efficient service.End quoteRobert V
QuoteI can tell, that I am impressed with the Lobo's performance. I have expended one full cartridge in the course of 1.5 hours of the 2” white label stock and that thing is still humming along on the same battery. I would have gone through three different batteries cycles on the old Handimark and several 10 minutes cool down cycles.End quoteDoug M
QuoteHere is a Label that I got with your graphics team and put together. This ACR Flash label required specific wording into it which made it a bit of a challenge. I used Part # 83-4100 DLP 3X1X70 WHT W/ ORG STRIPE labeling material to create this 4” x 5” labels that would fit on most all of our electrical equipment in the plant. A similar label was purchased from a couple of our other plants through some other vendor at a cost of $8.50 - $12.00 a label. We in this plant will be replacing approximately 200 labels and at that price it gets pretty expensive. Working out the price I found this to be under $1.00 a label without the cost of the printer. This really helps our company to know that this unit is a good cost saving device not to mention I can take pride in something that I created…. End quoteBrian E
QuoteI would like to say that we got excellent, efficient and prompt response in solving our problem and reaching a wonderful solution and we want to thank you for assisting us with such a dedication. It was really a great experience and pleasure to deal with a company like Graphic Products and especially with Customer Service Specialist like you. We hope to have same response in future.End quoteHafiz S — Dhuruma O&M Company
QuoteSeveral of us listened to your Webinar today. It was very good. End quoteChris G
QuoteThis is excellent customer service!! I wish the rest of our suppliers felt this sense of urgency. End quoteDale F — Yaskawa America, Inc
QuoteGreat, easy to follow webinar. We just got into pipe marking our equipment as a "courtesy to our customers." I didn't know that it is a serious subject in terms of safety and efficiency because I've never been in our customers' facilities. Now I know and can do my job better and more professionally. End quoteLisa S — Beta Control Systems
QuoteI must admit, I am very impressed with both your own level of customer service and Graphic Products’ level of customer service. End quoteDoug M — The Toro Company
QuoteI would like to take a moment to recognize the great addition of your product to our facility. The DuraLabel DL-9 is a fantastic product, and has been used to add custom printed signs and labels in much needed areas. The software has a vast array of pictograms and headings, allowing for quick label printing. Kevin E., our DuraLabel Account Manager, has been most helpful with the purchasing and use of the product. This is a great product from a great company. End quoteJeff G — National Cement Company of Alabama Incorporated
QuoteI intentionally had one of the fork lift drivers drag a pallet across the xtreme duratape. When we intentionally dragged a 1,500 pound skid across it, there was hardly a scratch on the tape. We are very impressed so far. End quoteFrederick W — JEDA Polymers
QuoteI printed the first 30 hydro test tags for 2 strings of replacement pipe. I was extremely pleased with the end result & my client was blown away!! Thank you for your help with getting me on the right track! The ability to generate these tags gives me an advantage over the competition.End quoteJim T — T&T Contact Services
QuoteI thought I would take the time to thank you and your organization for all the help in the past year. Your service has been next to none and we appreciate it greatly. Thanks again!!End quoteRobert V — University of Calgary
QuoteI think you are one of the best account managers I had any dealings with even with it being limited, therefore it's easy to recommend you.End quoteLuke B — Fluor Enterprises Inc.
QuoteYou guys go out of your way to make your customers feel needed, none of my other vendors do that. End quoteJoseph K — Tyson Foods, Inc
QuoteSo far everything has been going well. Everyone has been very helpful whenever I have questions.End quoteMegan K — ZCL Composites Inc.
QuoteI have always received timely and effective service from you and your company’s technical support team as well.End quoteClinton H — Innophos, Inc.

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