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Pipe Color Code Chart

By Steve Hudgik

pipe marking color codePipes are the simplest, easiest and most economical way to move liquids and gases to where they need to be.  But, it is impossible to know what a pipe contains, or the hazards it presents, from its external appearance.  In addition, the number of pipes and the complexity of piping systems in a facility is increasing. This means that a system that allows quick identification of pipe contents and potential hazards is essential.  Color coding is one of the most effective ways of quickly communicating information. The color coding of pipe markers has long been recognized as an important part of pipe marking, and is required by all of the various pipe marking codes.

There are a variety of pipe color code systems.  ANSI A13.1 is the most commonly used. Other organizations, such as IIAR, CGA and ISO, publish pipe color coding systems for specific applications.  How do you know how to mark the pipes in your facility? How will new hires quickly get up to speed on pipe marking color coding? It's easy. Just use a Pipe Color Code Chart from Graphic Products.

 Products has published a series of Pipe Color Code Charts that cover all of the major pipe marking standards in the U.S.  They are available free.

ANSI A13.1 Pipe Color Code Chart

The ANSI A13.1 pipe marking code is the standard most often used for pipe marking. An estimated 90% of all pipes are marked using the ANSI standard.  The ANSI A13.1 Pipe Color Code Chart shows the required text and background color combinations for each type of fluid.  In addition it shows the required label size and locations.

pipe marking kitThis pipe color code chart is available either laminated or unlaminated.  It may be posted as a wall chart, providing the pipe color coding information to anyone who needs it.

Other label printer options are available. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your complete labeling requirements. We'll then be able to recommend the best machine for your needs.

Commercial Building Color Code Chart

The color coding of pipes in commercial buildings starts with the ANSI standard and pipe marking code imageexpands on it by adding color bands to provide more detailed information. Graphic Products has compiled a consensus standard based on local codes and practices with the U.S. To make this information available they have published a Commercial Building Pipe Color Chart showing the color coding practices that are commonly being used in commercial buildings and schools.

IIAR (International Institute for Ammonia Refrigeration) Pipe Color Code Chart

The IIAR pipe marking system applies to ammonia pipes used in ammonia refrigeration systems. Ammonia presents unique hazards and having additional information about the pressure and liquid/vapor state of the ammonia is important. The IIAR provides a pipe marking color coding system that addresses these needs. A Pipe Color Code Chart showing the IIAR standards is available from Graphic Products.

Graphic Products also provides Pipe Color Code Charts that show the ISO standards for marine pipe marking and the CGA standards for marking medical gas pipes.

When you need to make correctly color coded pipe markers, that comply with any of the above pipe marking standards, call 1-888-326-9244. This will put you in touch with a pipe marking expert at Graphic Products. Ask them about the special DuraLabel pipe marking kits.  These kits provide everything needed to make the pipe markers needed in your facility.  Call today... you'll be glad you did.

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