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5S System Resources

Become a master of 5S. One of the most popular Lean Manufacturing tools, 5S, improves workplace efficiency through facility organization. Our 5S System Resources include guides, articles, webinars, products, and supplies to achieve greater organization, standardization, and efficiency.


Lean—Not Just Grandpa's Optimization Tool

Lean has been around for decades, but it still has its place as businesses evolve and retain vitality. Big companies' lean plans prove workers can be kept safe while maximizing production for years to come.

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It Works at Work, Now Bring 5S Home

A few years ago my rent increased dramatically, and I had to find a new place and move while I was working a lot of hours. I picked a place hastily and unpacked quickly, so I didn’t put together an efficient system.

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Articles & Tutorials

  • Tools for 5S

    Implement the 5S System in your facility with several visual tools, including floor marking, labels and signage, shadow boards, and 5S tags.

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  • Creating a Lean 5S Checklist

    A 5S checklist can help businesses improve productivity through cleanliness and organization. We cover the 5S system, explore benefits of a checklist, and more.

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  • What Is 5S?

    5S was developed in Japan and stands for the Japanese words seiri (tidiness), seiton (orderliness), seiso (cleanliness), seiketsu (standardization), and shitsuke (discipline). It is a systematic approach for improvement productivity, quality and safety improvement in all types of business.

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