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Quality Assurance

Your DuraLabel product is thoroughly tested before it ships to you. Ensuring you receive the highest–quality products we offer is our absolute priority.

The DuraLabel On-Site Test Lab

DuraLabel labels tested for weathering

The DuraLabel Test Lab provides continuous testing of existing products to ensure you always get high quality printers and supplies. Our test lab also aids in the development and testing of new products.

We do our own testing. We can randomly test supplies. We can check new suppliers. We are not dependent on our suppliers to tell us they are sending us quality materials, we can check it ourselves.

For example, our Atlas Weathering Tester subjects samples to accelerated weathering conditions that include light, UV, moisture and rain.

By regularly testing existing products we verify the quality of our raw materials and our manufacturing processes. This means you can be confident you'll always be getting superior quality supplies and equipment.

Taber Abrasion Tester

This machine is used to conduct test of abrasion resistance. A circular sample is placed on the disk on the upper part of the tester. It is rotated and subjected to a precision controlled amount of abrasion, then the readability of the printing is tested.

Unlike other manufacturers, who visually read the label, we use a computer-based scanner system to accurately measure the readability of the label. This ensures consistency and accuracy.


Labels and signs are tested for resistance to a minimum of twelve types of chemicals.

To pass our tests the label must survive exposure to twelve chemicals. Labels are placed in chemical baths for set periods of time. They are also subjected to a level of rubbing and scrubbing that far exceeds what happens even in the most extreme conditions.

Our goal is to ensure our labels and signs deliver more than what we promise.

There are over 50 types of supplies available for DuraLabel printers.

More types of supplies than are available for any other printer. As a result of our extensive testing you can be assured that all DuraLabel supplies will deliver the maximum possible life — they get the job done, and get it done right.

Tested Products Delivered on Time

We don't work the way other printer manufacturer's do. Every DuraLabel printer is fully tested individually before it ships. It is taken out of the box, set up, and run through a battery of tests. It's just one way you can be assured you are getting quality when you buy DuraLabel.

Graphic Products Warehouse

Our full-time QA staff is dedicated to intensive testing of DuraLabel printers and supplies. But that's not all they do.
Our Quality Assurance team also tests:

  • DuraLabel accessories and software
  • Third-party software for compatibility with DuraLabel printers
  • New templates and pictograms
  • Newly developed DuraLabel supplies
  • New operating systems and drivers

Our QA technicians are expert testers and problem solvers. They even take on tough problems our customers have encountered and come up with innovative solutions. It's part of the unbeatable customer service all DuraLabel customers receive. Everything the DuraLabel QA staff does is aimed at helping you be as productive as possible ASAP. It's part of what makes DuraLabel printers the hassle-free problem solvers.