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What We've Done

Since our beginning in 1970, we have evolved from an office products sales and service company to a global leader in the design, manufacturing and sales of workplace labeling and signage systems.


What are we up to now?
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DuraLabel Lobo

April 2013

The DuraLabel Lobo is introduced as a Grab 'n Go portable labeler for labels up to two inches wide, designed and patented by Graphic Products.


October 2012

Based on the success of the network independent Toro, the DuraLabel 9000 PS is now offered with a touchscreen for those in need of a larger network free workstation.

DuraLabel 9000 PS


To satisfy international demand for the DuraLabel line of label and sign printers, Graphic Products launches distributor networks across the globe.

DuraLabel Toro

May 2011

A major milestone is reached with the introduction of the DuraLabel Toro, a complete stand–alone printing system. It is the first product designed, manufactured and patented by Graphic Products.


December 2010

Improvements are made to the DuraLabel 2000 for print speed, print quality, display screen, battery, and memory.

DuraLabel 2000 PLUS

July 2010

The DuraLabel 4000 provides a streamlined option to the popular DLP models.


May 2009

The DuraLabel 2000, a handheld, battery operated thermal transfer labeler is offered, printing labels up to two inches wide.

February 2009

The DuraLabel 9000 prints up to nine inches wide, and quickly becomes one of Graphic Products' more popular labelers.

DuraLabel 9000

July 2008

The DuraLabel 7000 is offered
to satisfy the demand for larger
labels and signs up to seven
inches wide.

DuraLabel PRO 300

June 2008

Based on the success of the orange DLP, the higher resolution DLP 300 is introduced.

March 2007

Graphic Products launches the DuraLabel PRO (DLP).
It becomes Graphic Products' most popular product, and widely known as "the orange printer." It also positions the DuraLabel brand as a global leader in label and sign printing.


August 2001

Graphic Products launches its flagship DuraLabel brand with the DuraLabel 4–TTP, a desktop thermal transfer printer that becomes popular for safety compliance.


January 1970

Graphic Products opens its doors selling offset printers.