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Who We Are

A pioneer in the development of industrial, custom label-making technology. With more than 45 years of experience, Graphic Products has become a global leader in providing workplace labeling and signage systems.

Our mission is to cultivate safety, efficiency, and communication in the workplace.

  • We continue to improve safety by sharing our 40+ years of experience with leaders and professionals worldwide. We transform confusing and hazardous worksites into safe and productive environments by continually delivering innovative products and unrivaled customer service. The safety and protection of human lives is our number one priority.
  • We improve operational efficiency by providing the very best tools and resources necessary to create a visual workspace. We help educate customers by providing both traditional and digital training resources on topics like 5S, Kaizen, and Kanban.
  • We break down communication barriers and unbridle our customers' ability to communicate by providing solutions that transform ideas into clear, easily-understood visual messages.

Our vision is to be:

  • Dedicated to our customers' needs
    Without solving customers' problems we can't be successful
  • #1 in our market
    We will win wherever we compete
  • The innovative leader in safety, efficiency, and communication
    Create unique and innovative products

Our guiding values are focused on:

  • Customers
    Always value and strive to understand our customers
  • Leadership
    Great internal leaders make us industry leaders
  • Agility
    Never accept the status quo
  • Quality
    Our products can't fail because lives depend on them
  • Integrity
    Be honest and open as an individual and organization