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5S Labeling and Marking

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

5S safety sign example keep aisles clear

The 5S methodology is about getting organized and having everything in its proper place. The result of a properly implemented 5S program is the elimination of waste, including wasted time.

5S Labeling

Labeling and marking have an important, foundational role in 5S. For example, 5S labels identify items and their proper storage locations.

5S labels may be as simple as an adhesive-backed band of color used to identify a shadow board where a tool is stored. Color is the most effective communication tool available. It communicates quickly and clearly. Color coding should be a major part of your 5S labeling.

However, color is limited in the amount of information it can communicate. For example, color can be used to identify general areas within a work area, but effective use of 5S labels and markers involves including more detailed information on some labels.

Which tool is the Bruel Press Spanner Wrench? Which CNC machine is the #6 machine? These are questions that require more detail than color coding alone can communicate.

Text, numbers, symbols, barcodes are commonly included on some 5S labels. In addition, to be truly efficient, additional information such as operating or maintenance information on 5S labels can help to provide needed information at the point were it is needed.

5S Label Adhesive

The quality and type of adhesive is critical for 5S labeling. Without the right adhesive, the label will soon fail. For example, when the corners and edges of 5S labels applied to tools start curling up, they may interfere with the use of those tools. Instead of helping to improve efficiency, your 5S labels are detracting from efficiency and creating waste. That's a recipe for 5S failure.

5S labeling materials are available with adhesives appropriate for:

  • low energy surfaces (plastic)
  • oily surfaces
  • rough surfaces
  • rusty surfaces
  • hot or cold surfaces
  • wood, brick and concrete surfaces
  • painted surfaces

5S Labeling With DuraLabel Printers

DuraLabel printers and supplies provide the ability to make 5S labels with whatever information you need on them. With DuraLabel you get the label quality, the right adhesive, the long-term durability, and the efficiency needed for effective 5S labeling.

With DuraLabel it's easy to create custom 5S labels. From a wide range of supply colors you can use for 5S color coding, to more than 50 types of labeling materials – assuring you can always get the right labeling supply for the job – DuraLabel gets your 5s labeling done right.