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5S Program Set In Order

By Graphic Products Editorial Staff

tools organized with 5S set in order

This is the second step in a 5S program: organize, arrange, and identify everything in a work area, as well as throughout the facility, so that items can be efficiently and effectively retrieved and returned to their proper storage location.

A variety of names have been used for the second step of 5S. These names include:

  • Set in Order
  • Systematic Organization
  • Systematize
  • Straightening out
  • Simplify

This step could also simply be called "put away." Put things away in a logical storage location that makes commonly used tools and materials convenient and easy to access.

The Basics of 5S Set in Order

The basic focus of this part of 5S is to create efficient and effective storage systems such that anyone can find the tools, materials, and supplies they need, and anyone can return those tools, materials, and supplies to their proper storage locations.

A second key principle of Set in Order is that the most commonly used tools should be readily available. Those items that are not frequently used should be kept out of the way by storing them in a remote location.

Labeling 5S Set in Order

To accomplish these goals, storage areas, cabinets, and shelves should be clearly marked with signs and labels. Place labels on the outside of doors to identify the storage space. Label the interior shelves so that individual items can be consistently and easily returned to their proper storage locations.

Frequently used tools are often stored on shadow boards. The tools hang on the shadow board, with color coded "shadow" labels marking the location of each tool. The "shadows" match the shape and size of the tool, making it easy to see which tool goes where.

Don't forget about the floor. Clean and paint floors to make it easier to spot dirt, waste materials and dropped parts and tools. Use DuraLabel floor marking tape to outline areas on the floor so that it is easy to see work areas, movement lanes, storage areas, finished product areas, etc.

Apply 5S Set in Order Principles to Any Workplace

The key principle in "5S Set in Order" is: a place for everything and everything in its place, with everything properly identified and labeled.

  • Items that are used frequently should be stored close to where they are used.
  • Items that are used infrequently should be stored in a common area further from the location where they are used.
  • If several items are used together, then store them together.  For example, drill bits should be stored in the same location as drills.
  • Store things in place people would logically look to find them.
  • Identify all items (including tools, jigs, molds, bits, etc.) and label them so that anyone can identify and return them to their proper storage location.

The 5S Map

A 5S map is tool that can help show what needs to be done in the 5S Set in Order step. A 5S map is a diagram, or floor plan, that provides an overview of a work area, a process, a department, office, or work station. It provides a picture that shows where machines, storage areas, work in progress, supplies and workers are located. It should also include a short description of the tasks that are done in the area.

Use a 5S map to identify:

  • where equipment and machines are located (where the work is done)
  • where storage areas are needed
  • how those storage areas should be arranged
  • how people move around in, or move through a work area

The 5S map serves as a visual aid to help identify logical storage areas, and ways to position equipment and machines that will make access to needed tools and materials easier.

The Office and 5S Set in Order

5S Set in Order applies to offices. For example, work areas in offices should be identified by signs or placards. Papers, blueprints, catalogs, invoices, and other paper materials should be appropriately filed. Have bookshelves for frequently used manuals, books, and catalogs. Label filing cabinets, drawers, bookshelves, and other storage locations. This process allows for stored materials to be easily identified and returned to their proper place.

There are two important parts to 5S Set in Order - putting everything in its proper place, and setting up a system so that everything can be returned to its proper place. This second step in 5S is where good labeling and identification practices are important. The equipment, tools, and materials you use, as well as their proper storage locations, need to be clearly identified and labeled.

5S Set in Order not only applies to individual work areas. The overall facility should also be systematically organized, including the proper placement of easy-to-understand labels and signs throughout the facility. Piping, valves, control panels, major equipment, doorways, minor equipment, instruments, storage areas, offices and files should all be clearly identified.

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