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Custom Signs Big Enough To Make Headlines

By Kelsey Rzepecki

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Taking matters into your own hands is often the trademark of beloved superheroes and fighters of crime. However, a real world watchdog of the community was recently unveiled with a goal to ward off speedy drivers in his neighborhood. Recently, a Massachusetts man made national headlines by creating a life-sized aluminum cutout of a police cruiser to place outside his home as a ploy to encourage drivers to pump the breaks. His unconventional tactic was a success and his makeshift sign has gotten drivers to slow down in the area for years. Bold signage and visual communication strategies prove to be a powerful tool to help spread awareness and ultimately keep people safe.

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Whether you want to create a message the size of a police cruiser, or keep your employees at bay of hazards in your facility with the right safety signage, Graphic Products can help you create custom signs and labels to help you communicate exactly what you want and how you want it.

Graphic Products offers a custom sign and label service to ensure your messages resonate with your unique facility. Our wide-format full-color printer can print materials up to 52 inches wide and 150 feet long. So technically, we can make you your own life-sized cop car and messages the size of large banners, along with much more. If you’re in the market for something more practical, you can also create a variety of code-compliant labels and signs for OSHA, ANSI, GHS, NFPA, DOT, and more including floor marking messages and images that can all be cut to the desired dimensions.

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When you make the effort to personalize your safety messages, you take a proactive approach to safety. Personalized signage can help to more accurately target problem areas in your facility based on real data of near-miss accidents and observations that are specific to your facility. In addition, custom messages encourage a stronger overall safety culture where employees become more focused to better understand their personal responsibilities for safety. In order to be successful, you’ll need the right visual communication tools to help workers find supplies, clearly communicate appropriate standards, and safely guide them through work areas.

We can help you get off to the right start to create customized communication for each department. Strategic floor and aisle marking, massive wayfinding signs, small inventory labels, color-coded storage labels, and more can easily be achieved with the right signage.

Custom Signs for Any Industry Application

Address problem areas in your facility to improve workflow and overall safety with signage made for a variety of industry-specific applications including 5S, floor signs, rack labeling, HVAC, and more. You also have the freedom to choose the material of your signage that best suits your environment. Choose from reflective, glow, aluminum, vinyl, and other materials that are all made to stand up to harsh elements. Let us help you create effective visual communication solutions to keep your workers safe and your facility running smoothly.

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