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Solar Energy Future Bright in California

California recently approved a plan to have solar panels included on the roofs of all new-home construction starting in 2020. There are many dangers in solar installation work. Remind workers of the hazards of solar installation work and use safety best practices, including signs and labels.

News and Trends

Ontario Unveils 2017’s Top 10 Workplace Violations

Ontario unveils its Occupational Health and Safety Top 10 Violations list. Violence is No.1 but Fall Protection is No. 2 – with the construction industry named the top violator. Canadian agencies are helping employers and workers re-evaluate safety programs to avoid violations.

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OSHA Region 3 Kicks Up Construction Industry Hazard Awareness

OSHA is pushing awareness to help lower the number of deaths and injuries from the Fatal Four main hazards in the construction industry. With ambitious goals, OSHA is helping construction companies host toolbox talks and wants to help create an open and warm dialogue among all.

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Trenching Deaths Prompt OSHA to Act

It only takes a moment for 3,000 pounds of dirt to fall on an unsuspecting trench worker. On average, there are two workers each month who are killed by trench work hazards. OSHA wants to increase vigilance on work site safety regarding trenches as well as strengthen the use of protective measures.

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Construction Industry Evolves for New Growth

The way the construction industry operates has been evolving through new equipment, technology, and offsite collaborations. These changes have ushered in improvements to safety by using systems that have designed out hazards, improve work site functions, and have entire teams focusing on safety.

Visual Communication

4 Signs Your Safety Communication Needs an Update

Safety signs and labels that are up to date, clearly worded, and in tact play a key role in achieving workplace safety and compliance goals. Signage that has faded or lost reflectiveness, or are missing from dangerous areas, do not help communicate hazards clearly and consistently to workers.

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Mislabeled Bottle Causes Injury

An injury incident at a university lab prompts staff to better organize the lab, revisit chemical safety plans, and improve methods to ensure lab safety. Chemical safety in the workplace starts with strong safety concepts that are established before work begins.

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Pedestrian Deaths Plateau on Second Year of Record Numbers

Pedestrian injuries and deaths continue to stay at record-high numbers, while motor vehicle-related deaths have declined only slightly. Organizations such as the National Safety Council are reminding drivers and pedestrians to help create a safer environment.

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NIOSH Study Links Impacts of Workplace Noise, Heart Health

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health conducted a study about noise in the workplace and its effects on worker health. Some of the results showed that long-term exposure to loud noise in the work environment could impact blood pressure and overall heart health.