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Visual Communication

Pipe Marking & Pipe Corrosion Control

The Silver Eagle Refinery explosion released a tidal wave of broken glass. Homes were pushed off their foundations and countless workers were burned in the Utah-based petroleum refinery when a 10-inch pipe ruptured at the bottom of a reactor.

Visual Communication

Solar Power for Generating Electricity

In late December 2016, financial news giant Bloomberg announced they have new data showing that a large shift in global markets has occurred, declaring solar power to be a comparatively inexpensive form of power.

News and Trends

OSHA Issues New Construction Safety & Health Program Recommendations

This past fall, OSHA updated its recommendations for safety and health programs in general industry, for the first time in 30 years. The agency has now followed this with updated recommendations for the construction industry.


Popcorn Lung Spreads to Workers in Different Industry: Coffee Roasters

In 2000, workers at a Midwest popcorn processing plant began showing symptoms of bronchiolitis obliterans, a lung disease now known as “popcorn lung” or “flavorings-related lung disease.” The disease is caused by exposure to diacetyl, a flavoring agent in microwave popcorn.

News and Trends

OSHA Updates 30-Year-Old Safety & Health Plan Guidelines

OSHA announced its new recommended safety plan intended to aid employers, especially small- and medium-sized organizations in building a systematic approach to improving safety and health in their workplaces.


Can Near-Miss Reporting Help Your Safety Program?

A near-miss reporting plan helps build a strong overall safety plan by reflecting on near misses and using the lessons learned to improve your company’s broader culture of safety, even when incidents don’t lead to injury.

News and Trends

NSC Congress & Expo is Almost Here!

Graphic Products will exhibit at NSC Congress & Expo, the world's largest annual safety industry event, attracting tens of thousands of safety professionals from all over the globe. NFL hall-of-famer Terry Bradshaw kicks off the show with a keynote speech on workplace safety.

News and Trends

OSHA Strengthens Alliances North and South of the U.S. Border

In September 2016, OSHA helped form a stronger alliance between the U.S. and Canada with an updated plan to align the countries’ hazardous workplace chemicals classification requirements and labels. OSHA also shored up its alliance with Mexico in a renewed plan.

Pioneering Personnel

Five Questions with Alamodome Maintenance Manager Eric Duncan

The Alamodome is a five-tier stadium in the center of San Antonio, Texas. As well as holding pro soccer matches, NFL football games, and WWE, it's the home field for the UTSA Roadrunners (college football), and will host the 2018 Men's NCAA Final Four. Eric Duncan is a manager who ensures safety.

News and Trends

OSHA Does Not Investigate Arc Flash Explosion at Hydroelectric Plant

Three workers were hospitalized after a panel arced in a plant on the bank of the Ware River, currently being commissioned into a modern hydroelectric plant. OSHA was set to investigate the arc flash incident, however by mid-August deemed the accident to be the result of an incidental error.