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Safety, Efficiency Essential in Modern HVAC

The heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry is heating up as demand grows, new technology unfolds, and chemical changes progress.


OSHA Renews Efforts to Prevent Amputations

OSHA renews efforts to train, educate, and inspect machinery to help prevent amputations.


Maintaining Safety in Modern Poultry Processing

Whether using new technology, it takes top-notch efficiency and safety to be successful in mass poultry processing.

News and Trends

3 Takeaways from Gastech 2019

Gastech is a large show with great opportunities to look at what the next generation of the gas technology industry has to offer.

Visual Communication

4 Lean Secret Weapons for Next-Gen Industry

The integration of Industry 4.0 technology is fast becoming a component of lean manufacturing. Learn how companies are building a solid safety and lean foundation to support technologies they are implementing now and are planning to deploy in the future. Here are a few strategies companies use.


Resolutions to Implement for a Safer Facility in 2020

Boost safety in any facility this year with these practical examples.

Pioneering Personnel

Quality Takes Control at Woodward Aerospace

Lean principles and safety best practices run the show at Woodward Aerospace. The company prides itself in its effective safety management strategies. It diligently ensures its standards for quality, efficient work are met, which benefits the company and continuously improves it.


Labeling is Crucial in Bulk Chemical Handling

Safety in handling bulk chemical unloading is a procedure that requires careful work and optimal communication.

Visual Communication

7 Tips for Safety Signs Workers Will Read

When done efficiently, safety signs warn workers of potential hazards to avoid injuries in the workplace. From arc flash warning signs and OSHA compliance labels, to PPE requirement training, investing in safety through visual communication works best when messages are understandable.

News and Trends

Tech, Safety Power-Drive Mining Changes

Mining is changing mostly because of new tech and safety improvements, which are power driving profits and sustainability.