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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Pipe Marking

A pipe marking best practices resource describing pipe marking requirements, how to retrieve data, and specific sizes and color codes to achieve compliance.

News and Trends

Updates to OSHA's Recordkeeping Rule

OSHA requires record keeping of severe injuries. This help employers recognize workplace hazards and correct those conditions. Here are simple tips to help keep track of work-related injuries and illnesses and their causes.


Vintage Posters: Breaking Ground for Workplace Safety

Industrial workplaces have changed over the years, and so have the methods and messages of keeping workers safe. Here are a few safety posters of the past to help encourage the future.

Visual Communication

11 Tips to Elevate Your Lean Machine

Here are 11 thoughts, words of wisdom and more to help boost and inspire Lean manufacturing.


Work Safe and Smart in Cold and Windy Temps

As seasons change, so must approaches and methods to performing a particular task. Working smart and efficiently includes having the proper equipment for the environment at all times and place.

Visual Communication

Floor Marking: End the Chaos

Floor marking is a great way to indicate where pedestrian traffic should go. It also is a great way to establish work boundaries and more.

Visual Communication

Kanban Board

Efficiency is a necessity in business and life. Increasing efficiency saves time and money, which in turn makes a business more profitable and relevant.


Meet a Nice Doctor with Hospital Wayfinding

Every now and then, grandmothers make appointments to see their doctors and bring photographs of their single grandchildren.