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4 Things to Do to Meet IEEE 1584-2018 Changes

If you’re updating your facility’s arc flash assessment information, once the testing is over, there is more work to be done. The most important step in an arc flash assessment: labels.

Visual Communication

Energize Workplace Electrical Safety Plans

Each May, the Electrical Safety Foundation International highlights the importance of electrical safety by focusing on ways to educate on the potential hazards in various industries. This year, the campaign focuses on electrical safety during disasters, among other electrical dangers.

News and Trends

Creative Teen Videos ‘Speak Up’ for Work Safety

Young workers are often less likely to speak up about their health and safety concerns at work. To help encourage teens to communicate and to work safely, the Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition each year sponsors a video contest. The videos allow teens to create safety messages for peers.


Tips to Maximize Control Panel Safety

Never underestimate the power of electricity. While it is easy to take energy for granted, there are many hazards that await workers who do not prepare prior to working with it. Workplaces can ensure safety for electrical maintenance by keeping control panels neat, organized and properly labeled.

Pioneering Personnel

SAIF Leader Rises to Construction Challenges

Knowing she’s making a difference in the lives of workers is what motivates Melissa Diede. The senior safety management consultant and construction safety manager at SAIF Corporation shares what it’s like in her profession and how important safety is for employers and employees alike.

Pioneering Personnel

128 Years Strong, E.M. Duggan Thrives on Safety

E.M. Duggan is a fifth-generation, family owned mechanical contracting business in Massachusetts. For 128 years, the company has been long respected for its expertise in plumbing, HVAC, fire protection and service. It recently won contractor of the year.

Pioneering Personnel

East Kentucky Power Amplifies Safety

Safety has risen to a whole new level at East Kentucky Power Cooperative. The power company says that boosting its safety program has changed its work culture and productivity for the better. The results of their safety journey are encouraging, which has earned EKPC an award.

Pioneering Personnel

Ghirardelli's Secret Recipe: Staying Lean

Imagine a chocolate manufacturing world, where production lines are running smoothly. It's a world of pure reality at Ghirardelli's facility in California. All the tools workers need are there when they need them. Operators are engaged and looking out for hazards and risks.


Plan Ahead: Enhance Emergency Safety

Accidents will happen, and so can emergencies. As equipment and processes change, it's important to keep emergency plans updated too. Plan ahead to enhance safety in any facility. Keep employees up to date on emergency plans and support continuous employee safety through high-visibility markings.

News and Trends

Trench Violations, Injuries Spark OSHA Program

After noticing an increase in trench work violations, injuries, and deaths, OSHA is ramping up educational efforts. Teaming up with industry professionals, equipment suppliers, and others, the agency will expand outreach to help protect workers nationally.