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Warehouse Upgrades Reflect Rapid Growth

With the growth of online retail, the warehouse industry is seeing rampant growth. Warehouse and logistic companies throughout the U.S. are expanding and upgrading their facilities to keep up with that growth. Space is the place, and there is always room for safety.

News and Trends

Employers Dabble in Dangers on the Darkside

To reduce energy use and costs, some facilities are dimming the lights. However, reducing light can also reduce visibility for workers. Ensure the health and safety of workers by using smart energy reduction systems and highlighting important areas with visual communication.

News and Trends

ANSI Raising Bar on Powered Access Standard

The International Powered Access Federation promotes safe, powered access equipment. In a push for mobile elevated work platform operator training that is compliant, the Canadian Standards Association updated its standard in May 2018 and the American National Standards Institute will update soon.

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ANSI Issues Dropped Objects Standard

To help eliminate the hazards of dropped objects from heights, the International Safety Equipment Association and the American National Standards Institute have developed a new standard for industrial and occupational settings. Users of tools at heights are now to use tool tethers.

Visual Communication

Use Forklift Safety That Sticks

There is no shortage of work for forklifts in material handling and other industries. Injuries and accidents involving forklifts can happen at any time. Ensure greater forklift safety with signs and labels that remind workers of best practices and will last through tough jobs in any environment.

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Chemical Warnings to Change Soon in California

California is updating the way warning labels on products explain chemical hazards. Companies can re-evaluate the details of how they warn consumers about specific chemicals. Carefully review the regulations to make sure labels are in compliance.

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OSHA, States Ramp Up Safety Program Push

Some states are noticing an increase in workplace deaths and are moving safety program assistance to the front lines. OSHA is also reminding employers that they can easily get help through the federal agency's partnership and compliance programs. Several states are working with OSHA.

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OSHA's Severe Violator Program Shows Consistency

Eight years ago, OSHA established its Severe Violator Enforcement Program to target employers who heavily disregard to workplace safety laws. Each year, the number of severe violators averages more than 50. Employers can take simple steps to achieve a compliant and safe workplace.

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Virtual Reality Aids in Slip, Trip, Fall Prevention

To train employees to be aware of hazards and workplace surroundings, companies are using virtual reality as a way to help curb slips, trips, and falls. Using wearable technology, workers virtually navigate through unexpected situations and make choices for safety.

News and Trends

Demand Rises in Cleanroom Manufacturing

Industry momentum is embracing the benefits of manufacturing in cleanroom environments to ensure product quality, and safety is imperative. In manufacturing or scientific research, a strictly controlled and highly organized cleanroom is vital to operations.