Chemwatch Chemical Management Tools

Simplify your chemical management efforts with Chemwatch, partnered with Graphic Products. Unlock access to a database of more than 21 million Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), stay updated on key regulations, and use preformatted templates for easy chemical label printing.

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Stay Up To Date

Skip the Data Entry

Check the Boxes

Print What You Need

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Streamline your chemical inventory or shipping system

Stay Up To Date

Receive updates when a supplier updates or revises an SDS in your list

Skip The Data Entry

Use Chemwatch’s extensive database to build a custom inventory list of hazardous chemicals with a few clicks

Check The Boxes

Ensure your documentation complies with key regulations with Chemwatch’s automatically-updated database

Print What You Need

Chemwatch includes pre-formatted templates that automatically fill in the information for the chemicals you select

Go International

Chemwatch can adjust and translate your documents automatically to match requirements in over 100 countries and in 47 languages

catalyst.png DuraLabel Catalyst

Print documents and labels from Chemwatch software directly to a DuraLabel Catalyst printer.

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Which Package is Right for You?

The Chemwatch software service offered through Graphic Products is available in two packages:


Get instant access to Chemwatch’s database of SDSs; print labels quickly and easily; and automatically generate basic shipping documents, such as manifests.


In addition to the Standard suite features, you can enjoy advanced document management; automated risk assessments; automatic classification for new mixtures; and more.


Vendor SDS




Risk Assessment Information*


Mini SDS*

* Premium Package only

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Standard The Standard Chemwatch package offers a full suite of chemical management tools, including:
  • Instant access to the world's largest library of vendor SDSs, kept up-to-date by a global team of experts
  • Quick and easy printing of container labels, using a variety of premade templates or a custom design
  • Automatic generation of basic shipping documents such as manifests
Premium The Premium Chemwatch package includes all of the features from the Standard suite, as well as:
  • Advanced document management, making it easy to keep separate information available for multiple locations
  • Automated risk assessments, including compiled exposure limits from a variety of sources
  • Alerts for shipping and storage compatibility between separate chemicals
  • In-depth toxicology data for animal and environmental safety
  • Comparison of different vendor and government assessments of a chemical
  • Full support for creating new mixtures of known chemicals, and identifying the resulting hazards
  • A built-in, constantly-updated international regulatory database for chemical compliance around the world

Chemical Management Made Easy

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Request your Chemwatch demo, quote, or trial today