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Retailers: Reopen and Stay Open, For Good.

As local and regional authorities allow businesses deemed non-essential to reopen, it is imperative that new protocols are implemented to ensure your business is able to remain open. Adhering to accepted protocols, such as regular hand washing and social distancing, will reduce the spread of COVID-19. Using signage to clearly communicate these expectations to staff, customers, visitors, and patients, is a proven strategy. 

Retail Signage for COVID-19 Management

Graphic Products has developed a comprehensive line of COVID-19 response products to help you implement and enforce new protocols as your business reopens. Our COVID-19 Retail Signs include messages addressing regular hand washing, cough etiquette, social distancing, shopping cart disinfection, and one-way traffic. These signs are available in a variety of sizes from 3.5"x5" to 20"x14" and materials including adhesive vinyl, plastic, and aluminum. 

Retail Floor Decals and Tapes for Social Distancing

Clearly communicating social distancing guidelines at your retail location will help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social Distancing Floor Decal Signs are a perfect solution for managing checkout lanes and can also help direct traffic flow throughout your store. Floor marking tape is also a great way to establish aisle boundaries, waiting areas, or shopping cart disinfection areas.

Shopping Cart Sterilization 

Shopping carts are a high-risk surface area for the spread of COVID-19 and should be sterilized or disinfected between use. Many grocery and retail locations have established sterilization processes at their business to ensure that customers entering the store can use a freshly disinfected shopping cart. Communicating to customers and staff where clean and dirty shopping carts go will ensure that customers entering your location do not use shopping carts which are waiting to be sterilized. We offer discounted bundles of signs, floor signs, floor tapes, and A-Frame signs for cart sterilization.