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COVID-19 Signage Solutions for Restaurants and Food Service Businesses

Few businesses have been as greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as restaurants and food service businesses. Many of these independently owned eateries have had to drastically pivot their business model to navigate these uncertain times, and as stay-at-home orders are lifted across the country, they will need to adapt again or risk another shut down. Implementing a visual communication strategy is a crucial step needed to inform and educate customers about updated business practices so your restaurant can continue to operate.

Signage for Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, and Wineries

Graphic Products has developed a line of wall signs and labels specifically for food service businesses to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Signs include take-out & curbside pickup information, updated hours of business, hand washing reminders, social distancing reminders, and customer and staff traffic flow management. These signs are available as adhesive labels or, more permanent, plastic or aluminum backed mountable signs for use indoors and outdoors.

Floor Marking for Dine-in and Take-out Management

As customers begin to reenter your food service establishment, ensuring that there is a clear customer foot traffic flow identified with floor signs and floor tape will prevent unneeded close-contact situations between staff and customers. Floor signs instruct customers where to stand while waiting to order or pick-up food to maintain the recommended 6-foot distance between individuals. Durable floor tapes mark foot traffic pathways, boundaries, and restricted areas to prevent possible transmission between customers and staff.