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Electrical Safety

Understanding electrical safety isn’t just for electricians. Find information on arc flash, short circuit current, available fault currents, and compliance updates for dealing with electricity. Share our articles, training guides, and more to keep your team prepared.


NIOSH Digs Into Electrical Safety in Mining

To help solve mining work safety and health challenges, NIOSH continually researches best practices through its Intelligent Safety Technology for Mining Machinery project. This project looks at newer technology for ways to improve worker safety and to limit the introduction of unintended hazards in mining electrical work and other maintenance.

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Energize Workplace Electrical Safety Plans

Each May, the Electrical Safety Foundation International highlights the importance of electrical safety by focusing on ways to educate on the potential hazards in various industries. This year, the campaign focuses on electrical safety during disasters, among other electrical dangers. Managers and workers can stay up to date on electrical codes and other standards to maximize electrical safety. Remind workers to use procedures to minimize dangers and risks for injuries or death.

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OSHA and Independent Electrical Contractors Renew Alliance

Partnership aimed at protecting construction workers from electrical hazards.

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Articles & Tutorials

  • Electrical Safety & Arc Flash Training

    Electrical accidents and equipment failures can be unpredictable. Effective electrical safety training is the best approach for protecting your workers.

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  • Fault Current Calculations

    If more current flows through a conductor than the system can safely handle, it can result in overheating and serious damage.

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  • What Is An Arc Flash

    An arc flash is an explosive burst of heat and light, caused by a sudden, uncontrolled electrical arc (or current passing through the air). These events can cause serious damage, injury, and death.

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Visual learners will enjoy a wide variety of short industry videos and webinars.

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