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Get Your Free 5S Color Code Chart

Use this colorful 5S color code wall chart to easily implement 5S in your workplace today.

  • Organize your facility, run more efficient, and increase productivity
  • Identifies standards behind the 5S colors for consistency
  • Implement the 5S color scheme with visual solutions that work
  • Great tool for industrial facilities, medical offices, and any company of any size

Need a more comprehensive 5S resource? Download our full Guide to the 5S System.


  • Increase efficiency

  • Organize by color codes

  • Create consistency

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Communicate More Effectively

Colors rapidly convey your message because they’re interpreted by the brain more quickly, and from a greater distance, than words. Setting up a color code can extend your safety and organizational system to floors and walls, making it more effective.

Increase the positive results of your 5S system by color coding

Download Your 5S Color Code Chart Today

5S Color Code Chart