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This full-color 24-page guide is an essential reference for anyone responsible for implementing 5S in the workplace

  • Contains a comprehensive explanation of 5S
  • Includes a checklist for each step in the 5S process
  • Covers related topics such as red-tagging, poka-yoke, and root-cause-analysis
  • Excellent tool for training and 5S implementation

  • Improve Safety and Morale

  • Extend Equipment Life

  • Decrease Injuries, Downtime and Defects

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Introduction to the 5S System

When you’re used to the way things are done, it’s harder to see the flaws. 5S is a five-step organizational system that will help remove downtime and defects from your system. This guide explains what 5S is and how it works. It describes how to apply 5S to your workplace in a short period of time. This book is yours free.

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5S System - A Lean Manufacturing Tool