Protect Workers with Ammonia Pipe Marking

Ammonia refrigeration systems are powerful and efficient ways to keep things cool, from frozen foods to ice skating rinks. Safely maintaining these systems requires effective, standardized pipe marking.

  • Prevent costly accidents

  • Decrease risk of hazardous exposure

  • Save employee time

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Essentials for Ammonia Pipe Markers

The pressurized ammonia in industrial refrigeration systems can pose serious hazards if workers can’t easily identify the system’s parts. To help, the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) created a standard for labeling ammonia pipes and related components. IIAR Bulletin No. 114 describes a color scheme, label format, sizing recommendations, and abbreviations for these pipe markers. This full-color guide collects the essentials in one place. Get your free copy as a reference guide or training material, and use the IIAR approach to keep your ammonia refrigeration system running smoothly.

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Ammonia Refrigeration System Pipe Marking Guide