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Get Your Reference Guide to Barcode Colors

Achieve the highest print contrast signals (PCS) for scanners using this barcode color guide.

  • Create barcode labels that scan every time
  • Provides an extensive list of scannable color combinations you can use
  • Includes suggested supplies for barcode labels from reusable to permanent
  • Great tool for manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses


  • Learn the best scannable combinations for reflective vinyl

  • Create high contrast/scannable barcode labels

  • Find out which printer and supplies you need for high quality barcodes

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Create Barcodes According to Best Practices

Successful barcode scanning requires sufficient contrast between the dark bars and light spaces. Learn which combinations are non-scannable. You’ll be able to create barcodes that work every time they’re scanned. Get your color guide to learn more.

Unsure What Color Your Barcode Labels Should Be?

Download Your Free Reference Chart Today!

Barcode Color Reference Chart