Get Your Free Chemical Risk Assessment Guide

This 20-page guide identifies major regulations and standards that apply to overall chemical safety, and explains the steps of a Chemical Risk Assessment to understand hazards and effectively apply controls.

  • Learn the GHS approach to classifying chemical hazards
  • Evaluate risks based on frequency and severity
  • Use the Hierarchy of Controls to address chemical hazards
  • Conduct risk assessments in your own facility
  • Create container labels and other chemical signage

Identify, Evaluate, and Control Chemical Hazards

From the detergents that keep medical scrubs clean and sanitary, to the lubricants that keep heavy mining machinery from seizing up, chemicals are key parts of many industries. Many of these chemicals pose hazards to the workers who interact with them. How can you realistically identify, evaluate, and control these hazards? The answer is a Chemical Risk Assessment. This guide will provide the key background knowledge to prepare you for an assessment in your facility, whether you are protecting your workers, your customers, or both. You will understand how the five steps lead into each other, and how to use your decisions to make real change and improve chemical safety.