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Free Chart on Emergency Preparation

This essential reference will help you quickly check your facility’s preparedness for emergencies. See examples of key emergency evacuation signage and markings, and easily refer to the rules that apply.

  • Clearly presents emergency visual signals
  • Identifies the regulations that relate to different kinds of visuals
  • Can serve as a visual checklist for emergency preparation
  • Eliminate confusion and improve response times

  • Clearly mark emergency exit routes

  • Keep workers informed and safe

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Ensure Clear Communication in Emergencies

When fast response or evacuation is needed, a moment of confusion can cost lives. Effective emergency preparation includes clear signage and other markings to let workers know where to find supplies or how to escape. With this visual guide to emergency communication, you can quickly spot improvements that are needed in your workplace. This reference guide is yours free.

Is Your Emergency Signage Missing Anything?

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Emergency Preparation Chart