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Easily understand right-to-know NFPA Diamond labels using this comprehensive quick reference.

  • Describes the NFPA label elements on one wall chart
  • Explains the hazard information for each color of the NFPA Diamond
  • Shows PPE symbols which may appear on a label to wear required PPE
  • Great resource for employers who still use NFPA labels in their facility

For OSHA’s latest regulations for workplace chemical labeling, download the HazCom 2012 Labeling Guide.


  • Protect your employees

  • Quickly understand chemical hazards

  • Simplify your chemical labeling

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Communicate Chemical Hazard Information.

NFPA Labels were designed to meet OSHA's "Right-To-Know" chemical labeling requirements. Those regulations were updated in 2012, and now most facilities need to use the HazCom 2012 label format. For qualifying facilities that still use the older label styles, we offer this free reference sheet to help with training.

The Perfect Quick Reference Chart For NFPA Diamond Labels

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Right-To-Know NFPA Label Reference Chart