Get Your Free PPE Chart to HMIS Labels

Quickly know what personal protective equipment is required to safely handle workplace hazardous materials with this PPE requirements chart. 

  • Explains the letters which appear in the white bar of an HMIS label
  • Provides a list of HMIS required PPE for standardized letters A through K
  • Displays symbols for hazardous material PPE vital to handle material safely
  • A valuable tool for facilities who still use HMIS as part of a workplace labeling system

To learn how to simplify and comply with OSHA’s workplace labeling requirements, download the HazCom 2012 Labeling Guide.


An Easy PPE Reference Chart

Follow the Hazardous Material Identification System (HMIS) for identifying which PPE you must wear in order to handle hazardous materials safely. A description of how to cross-reference the symbols is included.