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RTK Labels Can Still be Used as a Supplement

Although OSHA’S Hazard Communication Standard is not fulfilled by RTK labels alone, they still can be used by facilities as a supplemental label to HazCom 2012. Refer to this free RTK Color Bar Chart if your facility has chosen to use these labels.

  • Easily evaluate your facility’s needs

  • Refer to NFPA requirements in one document

  • Simplify your workload

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All about Right-to-Know labels

Right-To-Know (RTK) labels can be used to provide information about workplace chemical hazards. These RTK Color Bar labels provide a simple and easy-to-read format that ranks each of three major hazard types: Health, Flammability, and Instability. These labels became popular under OSHA’s older hazard communication rules. On their own, they are not enough to meet the newer GHS-aligned HazCom 2012 requirements, but they can still be used as a supplement. Many facilities take advantage of the familiarity of these labels to maximize day-to-day safety and accident preparedness.

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RTK Color Bar Chart