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Get Harmonized with GHS

This free Spanish-language guide can act as part of a GHS training program to help educate you and your team on the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System (GHS) approach to chemical hazard identification.

  • Keep your workers safe

  • Streamline chemical identification

  • Meet GHS standards for shipping

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Ready to go global?

GHS provides a consistent framework for classifying and labeling hazardous chemicals. The U.N. built it for easy adoption anywhere in the world, and many nations have already incorporated GHS into their own laws. But the international scope of the system, and its periodic revisions, have led to some confusion and concern. How can you be sure your facility is on board with the global approach? This Spanish-language guide explains the GHS approach to chemical classification, the elements of a compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS), and how those components come together to create the building blocks of an effective chemical label. It also includes the most recent changes from GHS Revision 6, and can serve as part of a complete GHS training program.

Contribute to a Globally Harmonized System by learning GHS standards!

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Spanish GHS Labeling Guide