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HazCom Guide: OSHA's Take on GHS (Spanish)

This free Spanish-language guide can act as part of a HazCom training program to help you and your team get up to speed on HazCom 2012, making your facility safer than ever.

  • Quickly Understand OSHA's New Chemical Labeling Rules

  • Meet Deadlines for Labels and SDS's

  • Keep Your Workers Informed & Safe

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Introduction to HazCom 2012

Around the world, many countries are already using the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) from the United Nations as a way to classify and label hazardous chemicals. In the United States, OSHA used this system as the basis for a major rewrite of the Hazard Communication Standard. The old "Right To Know" rules are on the way out; HazCom 2012 gives workers a "Right To Understand." The old, confusing Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), with a different format from every chemical supplier, is gone. Now you'll see information in a consistent, 16-section Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Labels are simpler, too; every chemical label will have the same six parts, from Product Identifiers to Supplier Information, and each hazard will be identified with a bold, recognizable symbol in a red diamond. This popular guide is now available in Spanish.

Get up to date on OSHA's HazCom standard.

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Spanish HazCom 2012 Guide