Get Your Free Guide to Valve Tagging

This thorough, 12-page booklet covers the ANSI/ASME valve tag standard for piping valves any facility could use.

  • Know what’s required for valve tag creation from design to placement
  • Answers what color should valve tags be with the included color chart
  • Includes an extensive list of common abbreviations you can use on valve tags
  • Use the facility evaluation questionnaire to asses your needs
  • Perfect valve tag resource for maintenance managers and safety professionals


Everything You Need To Know About Valve Tagging

Valve tags solve the problem of complicated pipe surfaces but you need to know how they work. This guide walks you through color-coding, choosing appropriate materials, what to put on the tag, and how to apply them. It's packed with full-color pictures and real-world examples and even includes code-compliant abbreviations.