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Transform efficiency in any size of facility. Kanban is a popular lean manufacturing tool that increases efficiency with inventory on hand. Our Kanban resources –guides, articles, infographics, webinars, & various products and supplies – will help you apply Kanban in your facility!


Lean—Not Just Grandpa's Optimization Tool

Lean has been around for decades, but it still has its place as businesses evolve and retain vitality. Big companies' lean plans prove workers can be kept safe while maximizing production for years to come.

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Articles & Tutorials

  • What Is Kanban?

    Kanban uses cards to control inventory by pulling supplies based on customer demand. Kanban reduces inventory and saves money by controlling the flow of material and work within a business.

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  • Quick Response Codes and Kanban

    Quick response codes (QRC) are scannable bar codes for smartphones and tablets that can help to embed information onto Kanban cards and WIP labels.

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Visual learners will enjoy a wide variety of short industry videos and webinars.

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