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Calibration Labels Tags

Custom Calibration Labels

Using tough tested DuraLabel custom calibration labels means you can track the information you need, using labels formatted to your needs (including a unique barcode on each label if desired), that are color coded to comply with your facilities' standards. This not only makes it easier and faster to track calibration and inspection information, it helps to eliminate errors.

Calibration labels are used to put calibration information on instruments, identify equipment that needs calibration, provide the calibration schedule, and ensure calibrated equipment is not tampered with (tamper-evident labels).

DuraLabel custom calibration labels can be made using a variety of tough tested materials. 

The most common label material is continuous vinyl. Over 50 types of labeling materials are available to handle any labeling situation:

  • DuraChem labels for survivability in chemically harsh environments
  • Calibration labels for oily or greasy surfaces
  • Tamper evident calibration labels
  • High tack labels for use on to irregular surfaces including wood and low surface energy plastics
  • Labels for high and low temperature surfaces
  • Labels that are resistant to marine environments
  • Use DuraLabel embossible materials to prevent changes or lost information.

Whatever the labeling conditions, DuraLabel has the proper calibration label material.

With our custom calibration labels you can include your company name, company logo and even contact information. You can then further customize each label using your DuraLabel printer. Add information such as a barcode, an ID number, date of calibration, the next calibration date, identification of the person who performed the calibration, and an ID number for the label.

If your company has your own calibration test procedures, your labels can be designed to accommodate those, including using a custom color coding scheme.

Types of DuraLabel Custom Calibration Labels include:

  • Material Condition Labels
  • Sealed (using Duralabel tamer evident supplies)
  • Calibration Due Labels
  • Permanent Labels
  • Passed Calibration (color coded to indicate expiration date)
  • Secure Calibration Labels (using a unique watermark only visible in UV light)

Custom Calibration Tags

DuraLabel tough tested Custom Calibration Tags provide both temporary and permanent calibration records.

Made from super strong DuraTag stock, custom calibration tags can be made to meet your specific requirements. With DuraLabel calibration tags neither the format, content, nor size is not an issue. Include whatever information is needed, including a calibration record, calibration procedures, and the calibration schedule. Calibration tags can be color-coded using multiple colors to quickly communicate the calibration schedule, type of equipment, or the function of the equipment.

With custom calibration tags we create the tag to your specifications. A template comes with your custom tags that allows you to easily use your DuraLabel printer to add information to each tag and further customize the tag for a specific use. For example, a unique barcode, contact information, equipment ID and other information can be added to each tag.

DuraTag custom calibration tags are so tough that a grommet isn't needed.

Just punch a hole and hang the tag. That's tough! You'll have durable tags that are resistant to tearing, moisture, sunlight, abrasion and other conditions. They are smudge and fade resistant. Unlike paper tags, you'll have a tag that stays in place, reliably available for recording calibration information.

DuraLabel custom calibration tags are available for all types of calibration applications, including:

  • Calibration Record Tags
  • Calibration - Tested Tags
  • Calibration - Needed Tags
  • Calibration - Approved Tags
  • Calibration Completed - QC / QA Tags
  • Calibration Information Tags

No matter what the situation, DuraLabel customized calibration labels and signs are available to meet your requirements and to survive the environment in which labeling is needed. Call 1-888-326-9244 today to learn more about the custom calibration label option.

Free Label Samples Are Available Here.