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Custom 5S Labels

Custom 5S labels are the most effective 5S labels. The simplest way to create these labels is with a DuraLabel printer. You'll be able to make the custom 5S labels you need, when and where you need them. Here is why having custom labels is important.

What is a custom 5S label?

A custom 5S label has a design, size, color combination, symbols and text that best communicate the needed information. This means that each label is specific to the situation.

For example, 5S labels that use two colors are highly effective in quickly and accurately communicating needed information such as storage location and item type. When we look at something its color is one of the first characteristics we notice. That means using color on your 5S labels is the most effective way to communicate.

When selecting colors for 5S color coding be sure not to use labels that are similar to those specified by ANSI Z535 for safety labels and signs.

Custom 5S labels may also include personalization such as the company logo or specific contact information. For example, a label might say, "Call Don At X548 To Check Out Tools."

What is the purpose of custom 5S labels?

5S labels are used to communicate location, storage and organizational information. They're also used to communicate 5S standards and help SUSTAIN, (the 5th S), your 5S program. They are used to communicate standard work practices and the changes in work practices needed to implement and sustain an effective 5s program.

Change is difficult. Custom labels and signs help people make the changes necessary to successfully implement Five S.

Where do you get custom 5S labels?

The only way to get custom 5S labels is by having a thermal transfer printer such as a DuraLabel PRO or DuraLabel TORO. With a DuraLabel printer you can make 5S labels in the needed sizes, and with custom text, symbols and colors.

Having a DuraLabel printer is important because your facility, and the situations in your facility, are unique. With a DuraLabel printer you can quickly make custom 5S labels using the terminology, phrases and symbols your employees know and understand. In addition, DuraLabel is the only printer that is supported by a Custom Label Service that provides blank 5S label templates and spot colors... custom designed the way you want.

Call 1-888-326-9244 today and ask about the custom 5S labeling kits. You'll get a DuraLabel printer and the supplies you need for making these labels. Plus you'll be getting a printer that can handle all of your other labeling needs such as pipe marking, safety signs and arc flash labels.

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