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Custom Arc Flash Labels

Custom arc flash labels allow you to improve safety, and the effectiveness of your arc flash labels, while remaining in compliance with NFPA requirements. NFPA does not specify a label design, so this gives you a wide degree of flexibility for creating the custom arc flash labels that will work best for you.

What Is A Custom Arc Flash Label?

All arc flash labels are "custom" in that they include specific information about the equipment they are applied to. But, with DuraLabel you have the option of using spot colors to further customize your arc flash labels.

Customization can be used for a number of purposes such as branding, improving communication, and increasing safety. Here are some examples:

  • A company logo or motto can be included as a branding element.
  • Color coding can be used to indicate the level of PPE that is required. Color communicates this information faster, accurately and more effectively.
  • Certain symbols can be printed in red to draw attention to their warning message.
  • PPE headers, or sections of the label, can be highlighted by color to draw attention to them.

Economical Custom Arc Flash Labels

DuraLabel Custom Printed Rolls provide continuous feed custom arc flash labels, designed to your specifications. The roll will come with spot colors pre-printed. A template, provided with the Custom Printed Roll, makes adding the final text and graphics (printed in black using your existing DuraLabel printer) fast and easy. Since you can use your existing DuraLabel printer there is no need to pay the high costs of supplies for a color printer, nor deal with the complexity of using a color printer. Once again DuraLabel has made your job easy!

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