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Custom Calibration Stickers

DuraLabel tough tested custom calibration stickers make identifying equipment needing calibration easy. Custom calibration stickers can be color-coded to indicate calibration requirements, calibration schedule or calibration status. Custom calibration stickers can be used to record one-time calibration information or keep on-going calibration records.

In addition, you can use your DuraLabel printer to add information to each calibration sticker. This can include a barcode, a symbol, contact information, an ID number or other text.

DuraLabel custom calibration stickers are made to your specifications. They can be made in the size needed to accommodate both the amount of information desired on the sticker as well as visibility requirements. They can be made from the materials that will survive the environment. Over 50 types of sticker materials are available, including sticker materials suitable for use on oily surfaces, wood and concrete, low energy plastic, rough surfaces, hot or cold surfaces, metal, glass, and painted surfaces. Calibration stickers can be made for temporary or permanent applications

Get exactly the calibration stickers you need.

DuraLabel custom calibration stickers are available for medical applications, industrial applications, marine applications, construction, military, and for use in office environments.

DuraLabel custom calibration stickers provide a number of options

Use debossable calibration stickers to permanently record handwritten information. Use UV watermarked calibration stickers when stickers that cannot be reproduced are needed. Use tamper evident calibration stickers to seal calibrated equipment or products

The right custom calibration sticker for any application

You'll love working with us. DuraLabel is our labeling brand that has a reputation for fast, friendly, unbeatable customer service that is always free for existing customers. They have a reputation for quality that is backed by their own in-house test labs and a QA culture that puts the customer first. They have a reputation for innovation and advanced technology that means you can always get the right material for the job.

No matter what the situation, DuraLabel customized calibration stickers can help you improve quality and reduce errors. Call 1-888-326-9244 today to learn more.

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