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Custom Control Panel Labels

DuraLabel Custom Control Panel Labels with custom control panel labels from DuraLabel you'll have color labels, in the sizes you need, that include custom graphics and text – and you can make needed control panel labels as the are needed with custom legends or the messages you need communicated.

DuraLabel monochrome printers make custom control panel labels using materials such as:

  • Clear Poly – print in black, or any of eight colors, on a clear tape that effectively becomes invisible when applied to a surface.
  • Color vinyl – print in one color on a different color background
  • Static Cling and Poly Cling – these clear materials can be used on displays and panels.  Also excellent for making labels and signs for glass windows or doors.
  • Magnetic and Repositionable– used for temporary labeling on control panels and other locations.
  • Metalized Poly – gives panel labels a brushed gold or aluminum look

With over 50 types of labeling supplies available, DuraLabel has the right supply for your custom control panel labels.

If multi-color custom control panel labels are needed, DuraLabel's Custom Label Service provides pre-printed "blank" labels that have spot colors already printed on the labels. You print the final custom text and graphics using your DuraLabel printer to create durable, abrasion resistant control panel labels.

We'll make the pre-printed portion of the label based on a rough sketch you send to us. You can also specify the label size and shape (rectangular or diamond shaped).

In addition to labeling displays, switches, indicators and gauges, use DuraLabel Custom Control Panel labels to provide operating instructions, safety messages, and for making LOTO tags for control panels. Use your DuraLabel printer to make barcode labels for instruments and transmitters. With a DuraLabel printer you get extreme versatility that allows you to make everything from reflective parking lot signs to small indicator light labels.

Call today and ask about custom control panel labels, as well as any other labeling needs.