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Custom Data Name Plates

DuraLabel Blank Data Plates

With DuraLabel blank data plates you can have product and equipment data plates designed they way you need them to look. Then use your DuraLabel printer to add the needed final information to the blank data plates. The result is a custom data plate for each device, instrument, panel, tool, machine or any other item.

DuraLabel will produce your blank data plates based on a rough sketch you send to us. You'll get a roll of blank data plates you can use in your DuraLabel printer. That means you don't need to purchase specialized equipment just for making data plates. You can use the same printer you use to make pipe markers, OSHA safety signs, GHS labels and all of your other labels and signs. That not only makes your job easy, it gives you a fantastic ROI.

DuraLabel blank data plates can include spot color, logos and barcodes. Because each data plate has the final set of information printed in your facility, each can be specific to item it will be applied on.

DuraLabel data plates are tough and durable. They are resistant to abrasion, outdoor weathering, wash-down solutions and moisture. Over 50 types of materials are available, allowing you to get blank data plates that are appropriate for how you need to use them. DuraLabel blank data plates are also available in specialized materials such as watermarked data plates or data plates that cannot be removed and placed on other equipment.

Custom Name Plates - Office

Use DuraLabel custom nameplates to identify offices, conference rooms or other locations in your facility.

DuraLabel custom nameplates are available in metalized finishes such as brushed aluminum and brushed gold. They are also available in over 50 other types materials, with over 30 standard colors and 100+ special order colors.

Custom nameplates are available for both indoor and outdoor use, and temperatures that range from cryogenic to over 400°F.

With DuraLabel custom nameplates you print the final information on the nameplate using your DuraLabel printer. That means there is no waiting for an outside service to produce and ship nameplates. It means that no specialized skills or equipment are required. New nameplates can be made in minutes using a DuraLabel printer that can also handle hundreds of other labeling and sign making jobs – making your DuraLabel printer a highly productive (fast ROI) and useful machine.

DuraLabel custom nameplates are available in materials that are resistant to:

  • Abrasion
  • Sunlight and weather
  • Wash-down and other solvents and chemicals
  • Oil and grease
  • Extreme temperatures

DuraLabel custom nameplates can be made from materials that can easily be removed and repositioned in new locations.

DuraLabel custom nameplates can include multiple spot colors, your company logo, symbols and other custom design features. Just send us a rough sketch showing your design requirements and we'll create a custom roll of nameplate labels that can be used in your DuraLabel printer. It's fast and easy.

DuraLabel Custom Name Plates – Equipment

Name plates are affixed to equipment, machines and tools to identify them, provide operating specifications such as power requirements, and to provide descriptive information such as the name of the manufacturer, model number and serial number.

Custom name plates are used to provide specific information that may be needed by operating, service, calibration or maintenance staff. Even when information varies from name plate to name plate, a DuraLabel printer lets you make the custom name plates you need in whatever quantity you need, whenever and wherever you need them.

With a DuraLabel printer and supplies you can make exactly the custom name plates you need. DuraLabel custom name plates can have multiple colors, custom sizes, custom formatting and include custom logos, symbols and pictograms.

DuraLabel has more types of labeling materials available than any other supplier. Adhesives are available for permanent application on smooth surfaces, rough surfaces, low energy (plastic) surfaces, outdoor surfaces, and even dirty or oily surfaces.

Labeling materials are available for hot surfaces, cold surfaces, curved surfaces, and low light areas. Glow-in-the-dark custom names plates are even available.

DuraLabel makes it easy to print custom name plates on demand. Just send us a rough sketch and you'll receive a roll of custom designed name plate labels that can include spot colors, logos and other custom features. Use them in your DuraLabel printer to add specific information for each application – with no worries about minimum order size. It's that easy.

Call today to get the custom name plates you need. You'll be able to make your own name plates, along with many other types of labels and signs needed through your facility.