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Custom Data Tags

DuraLabel custom data tags are available in rectangular or diamond shapes, and in custom sizes up to 9" x 24". Custom data tags can include symbols and pictograms, and are available in various colors or with multiple spot colors. DuraLabel custom tags may be used indoors or outdoors, and for both temporary and permanent applications.

DuraLabel Custom Data Tag Applications

DuraLabel custom data tags are available for a range of applications, which include:

Custom Data Tags For Code Compliance

Use custom data tags to provide the code compliance requirements for equipment, tools, machines, and work areas. For example, tags providing relevant OSHA or ANSI standards can be placed on equipment and machines. Or a tag providing a safety checklist could be hanging on the charging cable for an electric powered fork lift.

Tags For Inspection and Calibration Compliance

Custom data tags are frequently used to provide specification or performance data. This makes the data readily available when the equipment needs calibration. It also makes the data available to operators, who can then identify problems early instead of after the problem has become more significant or possibly caused damage to the equipment.

Custom Data Tags For Equipment

Custom data tags are used to provide identification information about equipment and tools. This may include specifications, performance information, calibration information, or applicable codes and standards. The information is used, for example, to identify appropriate equipment and tools for the jobs that need to be done.

Data tags are typically used when the equipment or tool does not have a surface that is suitable for a label. This could be because the equipment is too small, or it does not have a flat surface, or a label may interfere with the operation of the equipment. A tag, on the other hand, can be placed where a label does not fit. And removable tags can be used while the item is stored and removed when it is being used.

Custom Data Tags For Lay-Down Areas, Inventory And Warehouses

As parts, components and materials arrive they should be tagged to clearly identify what they are and how they will be used. Smaller materials, stored in a warehouse, can be placed in labeled bins or on labeled shelves that provide the necessary information. However, larger items that are stored in a lay-down area, or indoors in a warehouse, should be tagged using DuraTag weather-proof tags. In most cases each idem should be tagged so it can be identified should it become separated from the lot or batch it arrived with.

Work In Progress Tags

Custom data tags are used to identify work in progress and provide data about the status of items that are still in the production. For example, as an item goes through the production process there may be several points were tests must be performed. The custom data tag is used to record the results of those tests.

DuraLabel Custom Data Tags

Custom data tags need to be tough. They need to be able to survive outdoor weather and frequent handling. They need to be tear resistant, moisture resistant and resistant to fading in sunlight. That's why you want DuraTag custom data tags. DuraTag tags are so tough you can hang them without a grommet. Just punch a hole and hang the tag. It's fast and easy.

Call 1-888-326-9244 and ask about custom data tags made using DuraTag tag stock. Send us a rough sketch showing what you need and we can quickly get you a quote and make the tags you need.