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Custom Decals Asset Stickers

Custom Decals Take Customization to a New Level

You design your custom decal to have the size, color and information you need on a specific type of custom decal. DuraLabel will create a a roll of custom decal "templates" that you run through your DuraLabel thermal transfer printer to add unique information to each decal.

For example, have DuraLabel make a roll of custom calibration decals. Then use your DuraLabel printer to add an instrument ID number and barcode to each calibration decal. You get tough, durable custom calibration decals that resist moisture, fading in the sun, abrasion and even washdown chemicals.

Use DuraLabel custom decals for inspection decals, quality control decals and service decals. Custom decals can be made using multiple colors to provide color coding based on the type of decal, the action required, or the message being communicated. Include your company logo, company name or contact information on your custom decals.

With over 50 types of DuraLabel decal materials available, your custom decals can always be made with a material suitable to the application. Whether you need custom decals for industrial, medical, marine, mining or cold storage applications, DuraLabel has the right material for the job.

Get high visibility decals made with reflective or fluorescent colors. Get high security custom decals made with tamper evident or UV watermarked materials. You can even get glow-in-the-dark custom decals.

Call 1-888-326-9244 and ask about DuraLabel custom decals. DuraLabel provides custom decals for fortune 1000 companies only.

Custom Asset Stickers

DuraLabel custom asset stickers improve your ability to track, control, manage and identify company assets.

Use color to communicate asset information quicker and more accurately. For example, asset labels can be color coded to identify the asset owner, storage location, inspection or calibration requirements, or the service life.

With DuraLabel custom asset stickers you get exactly the stickers you need. The asset sticker size and color are determined by you. The text, logos and symbols printed on the asset sticker are determined by you. But with DuraLabel you get more. You'll receive your asset stickers in a continuous roll that can be used in your DuraLabel printer to add additional information that is unique to each sticker or groups of stickers.

Over 50 types of tough tested DuraLabel sticker materials are available for making stickers that are suitable for any environment. If you have locations in which asset stickers have failed in the past, call DuraLabel and get the right asset sticker material for the job.

If you have locations that need classy looking asset stickers or that need asset stickers that survive harsh environments, call DuraLabel and get the right assert sticker material for the job.

A DuraLabel thermal transfer printer is the most productive label printer you can buy. Now there is another application you can put your Durabel custom printer to work on... making the tough, superior quality custom asset stickers you need.

You are making asset stickers because your company assets are important. Their ownership needs to be permanently marked on them, and you need to be able to track your assets so you know where they are and how they are being used. DuraLabel custom asset stickers get the job done right – and permanently.

Call today and ask about DuraLabel custom asset stickers.