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Custom HazCom Labels

Custom Hazcom labels are used to identify chemicals and chemical hazards, and keep you in compliance with the requirements for HazCom and GHS labeling.

The advantage of using custom Hazcom labels is that you can have label sizes appropriate for the containers they will be used on, and your labels are custom formatted to most effectively present the needed information.

In addition, your custom labels can include logos and other branding, contact information, and even reorder information--with all of this information color coded so as not to interfere with the primary purpose of a Hazcom label. With a custom Hazcom label you can also combine the NFPA diamond with a GHS label, having a single label that complies with both the OSHA HCS and NFPA requirements.

Using custom Hazcom labels means you can simplify chemical labeling and ensure you are always in compliance with all labeling requirements – with a single label.

These custom options give you the flexibility to print labels that better meet your needs, and at the same time more effectively communicate needed hazard and hazard protection information.

The DuraLabel Custom Printed Rolls service uses spot colors to create the exact labels you need.  Multiple spot colors can be used to create a custom background for the label. You then use your DuraLabel printer to add custom text and symbols printed in black.  The result is a custom color label that effectively delivers the needed information.

For more information about DuraLabel Custom Printed Labels, call 1-888-326-9244, and be sure to request label samples today!