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Custom Maintenance Labels & Tags

Custom Maintenance Labels

Whenever custom permanent or temporary maintenance labels are needed, DuraLabel has them.

DuraLabel tough tested maintenance labels are custom designed to your specifications, including colors, label design and the terminology used on the label. Your company logo, company name and even the department name can be included as a part of your maintenance labels. You can even use your DuraLabel printer to add custom barcodes, maintenance instructions and other specific information to each label.

With DuraLabel custom maintenance labels size is not an issue.

Maintenance labels can be as small or as large as needed. Various adhesives and materials are available so the right label material is always available. Maintenance labels can be made with high visibility fluorescent colors, or tough tested durable vinyl. Over 50 types of label materials are available, such as materials that are resistant to oil, grease, moisture, sunlight, wash-down chemicals, cold and heat.

Specialty label materials allow you to deboss your message into the label. Extra strong adhesives give you labels that can be applied to wood, concrete or even low energy plastic surfaces.

Custom maintenance labels allow you to monitor, control, schedule, organize and maintain maintenance records.

Typical maintenance label applications include:

  • Filter Cleaning or Replacement
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Lubrication Schedule
  • Regularly Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Safety Inspections
  • Repair Completion Certification
  • Next Service Date
  • Out Of Service
  • Wear Parts Replaced Date
  • Battery Replaced Date 

DuraLabel maintenance labels can be made with permanent or temporary adhesives. Special adhesives such as static cling, magnetic, residue-free repositionable, and DuraLabel Poly Cling are available for temporary maintenance labels.

Custom Maintenance Tags

DuraLabel custom maintenance tags are used for tracking:

  • maintenance status
  • regularly scheduled maintenance
  • preventative maintenance
  • repair status

Made from super strong DuraTag stock, these are maintenance tags that last.

They are so tough that they can be hung without using a grommet.

Custom printed to your specifications, DuraLabel maintenance tags have the information you need. They can even include your company logo and company name They can be further customized with DuraLabel printers to include information such as the equipment ID, a barcode, custom symbols, custom text and other information. Handwritten information, such as dates and a signature, can be added using a permanent marker.

With these tough tested tags you'll always be in compliance with OSHA standards. DuraLabel maintenance tags are resistant to tearing, weathering, sunlight, moisture, abrasion, oil and grease, and most chemicals.

Examples of DuraLabel custom maintenance tags include:

DuraLabel Custom Lubrication Record Tags

Lubrication tags are used to ensure equipment is properly lubricated on the required schedule and to maintain a lubrication record. DuraLabel custom lubrication tags provide the tag format and the information you need for your records. They can be color coded to identify, for example, the equipment type, lubrication schedule and type of lubrication to be used.

DuraLabel lubrication tags can be made in nearly any size that is required, including high visibility over-sized tags.

DuraLabel Custom Maintenance Tags

Maintenance tags provide a record of regularly scheduled maintenance. They can provide the maintenance schedule and checklist of required regular maintenance, as well as maintaining a record of each time each maintenance activity was completed.

Custom maintenance tags can be color coded based on whatever factors you choose, such as schedule, type of maintenance, or who is responsible for performing the maintenance.

DuraLabel Out-Of-Service Tags

These custom maintenance tags are often designed to conform with the ANSI Z535 "notice" label standards. They identify the equipment as being out of service, and can include whatever other information you'd like to include, such as barcodes, contact information, and identification of the person who placed the equipment out of service. Use your DuraLabel printer to add custom information to each tag so that it is clearly and permanently printed.

DuraLabel custom maintenance tags improve safety, productivity and quality by delivering needed information right at the point where it is needed.

Call today and ask for more information about the DuraLabel custom maintenance tag service. Our customer service rep will be happy to learn about your specific requirements and will have a custom maintenance tag created to meet your specific requirements.

Free Label Samples Are Available Here.