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Custom Name Tents ID Labels

DuraLabel Custom Name Tents

A name tent is a two-sided, free standing identification "label" that is set on a horizontal surface.

Custom name tents are used to identify people, locations, items in displays, and equipment.

DuraLabel custom name tents are commonly used at conferences, trade shows, training sessions, meetings, banquets, open houses and when public tours are being conducted.

A wide range of DuraLabel materials are available for making custom name tents, including metalized poly with either a brushed gold or a brushed aluminum surface. You can make name tents in over 30 standard colors and many special order colors. You can make custom name tents that include your company logo (or a trade show or conference logo) and multiple spot colors. Both standard and custom symbols and pictograms can be included. You can even put barcodes on your name tents.

With DuraLabel custom name tents no special skills or equipment is required. You can quickly print as many name tents as you need using your DuraLabel printer... and use the same printer for a wide range of other labeling and signing making jobs throughout your facility. With DuraLabel printers you always get a fast ROI.

If color is needed, the DuraLabel Custom Label Service can be used to provide pre-printed name tent templates with the required spot colors. DuraLabel makes your job easy!

DuraLabel Custom Product ID Labels

When tough, durable, permanent, custom product ID labels are needed, turn to DuraLabel.

DuraLabel has the right labeling materials for the job. Whether the surface is smooth, rough, low-energy (plastic), painted or coated, DuraLabel has the right labeling material available. DuraLabel also has the right labeling materials for making product ID labels that are resistant to tough environmental conditions such as:

  • Extreme temperatures (high and low)
  • Outdoor weathering and sunlight
  • Exposure to wash-down solutions, and other solvents and chemicals
  • Exposure to oil, grease and other petroleum products
  • Exposure to marine environments, including salt spray

Call today and ask about custom product ID labels made using DuraLabel printers and supplies.

With DuraLabel you can print custom product ID labels as needed. Your ID labels can include color, your company logo and custom formatting. You design your product ID labels they way you want them to be. Then just send us a rough sketch. We'll produce a roll of labels you can use in your DuraLabel printer to make the custom product ID labels you need. It's fast and easy.

A wide range of DuraLabel materials are available for making product ID labels. You can use metalized poly for a brushed aluminum or brushed gold look. Over 30 standard vinyl colors are available. Watermarked and tamper evident ID label supplies are available when security is an issue. There are even specialized materials such as various colors of retroreflective supplies for making high visibility product ID labels.

If you need custom product ID labels or custom name tents, give us a call today.

Free Label Samples Are Available