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Custom NFPA Diamond Labels

Are NFPA diamond labels still needed?

Are custom NFPA diamond labels code compliant?

What are the advantages of custom NFPA diamond labels?

OSHA has updated its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) and the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of labeling has replaced RTK labels. However, this has not eliminated the need for NFPA diamond labels.

The NFPA diamond is still required by the NFPA code because it serves a different purpose than GHS labels. The NFPA diamond provides information about chemical hazards to emergency responders.

The previous HCS required RTK labels. These labels could incorporate the NFPA diamond and serve double duty. Under the new HCS NFPA diamond labels may continued to be used, as long as they do not conflict with the GHS label.

What is a custom NFPA diamond label?

What in the past was considered as an RTK NFPA diamond label, could now be considered a custom NFPA diamond label. The NFPA only requires labels using the NFPA diamond. Additional information, since it is no longer required by the HCS, could now be considered as making a customized NFPA diamond label. These types of labels will continue to be readily available from DuraLabel as "standard" labels.

However, with GHS labels taking over the function previously done through RTK labels, that opens the door to improving hazard communication through custom NFPA diamond labels. For example, in the past the most common forms of custom NFPA diamond RTK labels were custom sizes, custom shapes, and the addition of company logos on the label. These continue to be common, but other possible options include customized NFPA diamond labels designed to facilitate the response to emergencies.

For example, including the NFPA diamond on pipe markers is becoming more common. This provides needed information about the hazards of pipe contents, as well as providing information about which direction to go to shut off the flow of material through the pipe. Pipe markers can be supplied with the NFPA diamond pre-printed on them and are considered to be a custom NFPA diamond label.

The benefit of custom NFPA diamond labels is that they will communicate all the information you need to have communicated, providing emergency responders with critical information when and where they need it.

Whatever type of custom NFPA diamond label you need, DuraLabel can supply it through the Custom Label Service. Call 1-888-326-9244 today for more information.

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