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Custom Safety Labels Signs

Can safety labels and signs be customized?

What is the benefit of custom safety labels and signs?

ANSI Z535 is the standard that must be followed when creating safety labels and signs. It specifies the header color and shape, the signal word and the background color to be used. If you have designed your safety labels and signs to be in compliance with the ANSI Z535 standard there is plenty of room for customization... and the increased communication effectiveness that can be achieved through customization.

One of the most common ways for safety labels and signs to be customized is by adding a company logo. The logo brings a feeling of ownership. This no longer is just a generic safety sign, it is a sign my company posted because they care about my safety. This is a custom safety label made by my company and it reminds me of my company's serious commitment to safety.

The message on custom safety labels and signs must be kept simple so that it can be understood quickly. This is where custom safety labels and signs have an advantage. Color coding can be added to quickly warn of specific hazards. For example, a red triangle in the lower left corner could indicate a hot surface, a blue square indicates a hazard that requires a respirator be used. Of course, the custom safety label must also include the necessary text and symbols, but color can be used to quickly and more effectively communicate important information.

Color coding can also be used to identify physical areas or locations, or to designate the department that has the responsibility for the equipment on which the custom safety label is located.

With DuraLabel custom printed labels you have the ability to design custom safety labels and signs the way you want them designed. You can include logos, contact information, color coding and more. The continuous printed roll will have the custom spot colors and shapes you specify. You then use your DuraLabel printer to add the final color (usually black) to print the needed text and symbols. Making custom safety labels and signs has never been easier

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